When you sense a big change afoot, what happens if other people don’t?

Do you feel like the smart lone wolf or insecure Chicken Little? Even more importantly, how do handle upcoming change? Let’s pick up some good tips and even Flowdream for our best possible outcomes. Master change with the Restored, Aligned & In Control Meditation Playlist at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

3:15 – Hear how Summer feels the coaching industry is evolving

7:45 – Discover where in you life you tap into change

10:25 – Find out the most important thing you need to know before entering the information economy

15:15 – Learn how and why technology has affected every industry at some point

17:10 – Hear the two distinct, extreme ways you can go into change

21:10 – Discover Summer’s recommendation for getting restored, aligned and in control!

29:51 – Get into Flow with Summer around embracing change.

Are you down for some self-love? Go listen to Flowdreaming Podcast #601: Tradewinds – Sensing Direction and Change on Apple Podcasts/iTunesGoogle Play, Spotify, or at InFlowRadio.com.


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