Let’s Talk Making Each Day Count

I just spent the day in Old Town San Diego. It’s the historic spot of our town where the original settlers put up their houses along the El Camino Real trail. You get to eat truly excellent Mexican food and dress up in old-timey clothes for photos as you wander the old streets.

I haven’t been there in years since I was a kid. I remember pining for bouquets of those giant bright Mexican crepe paper flowers there … and my mom getting me weird-tasting sarsaparilla candy instead.

I looked around and thought about all these people making things and manifesting their authentic expression: Making art, making food, making music, making sales, making laughter, making memories.

Everything we do, all the time, is Making. Even when we’re binge-watching a Netflix show, we’re making ourselves relax.

Everything we do is an act of creation.

We tend to forget to make each day count when we get caught up in the day-to-day stuff.

We’re here to Make. We’re here to make things that make us happy, that make us wealthy and secure, that make memories and help us find authentic expression and manifest our dreams and best futures.

And we can learn how to be experts at that—real craftspeople! The best Makers are highly productive, creatively and authentically expressed, and, often, thriving entrepreneurs who’ve learned how to get their Makes OUT into the world and into the lives and homes of other people.

That is the fully embodied, wealthy Maker I want you to be.

So pull back from the day-to-day trivial things and look at yourself as a Maker. What are you making in your life? What makes for your most authentic expression? What have you made so far? Where is your Make stalled out or burned out?

Looking around at the wild and flavorful sights of Old Town yesterday reminded me that being fully expressed, making each day count, and being fearless in offering one’s Make to the world is what results in all these gorgeous treasures, from those great Chile Rellenos to the paper flowers I finally bought.

So, what’s your Make? What are you Making? What’s on your horizon to Make? I’d love to know — leave a comment!




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