What ever happened to sweet little Flow??

I’ve known this question was coming for a while: “What happened to sweet loving Flow and manifesting!? Why are all your emails now about ‘going big,’ owning your power, facing fear, and on and on? Holy mackerel!

What happened to all your sweet flowy lovey stuff about ease and the Flowdreaming technique and all that?”

Hahaha! Okay, that’s a compilation of questions a few brave souls have asked.

Here’s the answer: I’ve written for YEARS about how to get into alignment.

With yourself, with your future, with your flow.

How to find your Flow, and stay in it, and play and create in it! And how the Universe really LISTENS and OFFERS itself to you, everyday. And how when you’re truly in Flow, everything you do is 100% easier and more rewarding. And I probably will write about all that again, maybe even soon.

But some big, huge issue began pestering me a while back, having EVERYTHING to do with manifesting and Flow—my manifesting, your manifesting, all of us and all our Flows. 

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There’s nothing to see here, folks

Last night, I dreamed I was doing some kind of martial arts routine that ended with me doing a one-handed handstand on an ancient fallen log. Some martial arts type masters walked by, and one stopped and suggested a complicated routine for me.

I stared back, confused. “You must have mistaken me for someone who actually knows that stuff,” I tried to say. I felt unmasked, mistaken for someone more qualified.

Funny huh? On the one hand, it could be a dream about insecurity, a fear of not living up to my actual ability. Obvious conclusion, right?

Nope, wrong.

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Going big: The 2nd sign that you could be at a tipping point to a major breakthrough

In my last post, I introduced the idea that there are certain signs that happen when people are on the verge of a major breakthrough.

This is when someone suddenly zooms into success in their career, or makes dramatically positive moves in their life, or even reaches an ah-ha moment that transforms how they live and feel forever after.

We all want to reach these moments. 

In all the work I do teaching and mentoring people about how to Flow, I see people bloom into these game-changing moments pretty regularly. I call them “tipping points.” I can spot when my students are there.

Here’s the second clue I often see when they’re reaching one:

2. You consciously and completely decide to get uncomfortable — often REALLY uncomfortable — in certain areas of your life. 

You either decide that facing fear is actually a kind of fun activity (like the coexistent dread, joy, and fierce challenge of running a marathon), or, even if you still hate facing fear, you make a commitment that when Flow is kind enough to reveal a fear, you’re strong enough to chase it down and root it out. Without exception.

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Going big: The first of 3 clues that you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough to Success

It’s time to go big.

No, I don’t mean our waistlines, despite all those yummy holiday cookies.

I mean our “mind-lines.”

All year, I’ve been chewing at this. What does GOING BIG really mean?

What’s all this stuff about “upleveling” your life, moving past blocks, and all that other fancy-schmacy talk for somehow breaking through a barrier in your thoughts or emotions?

I’ve been thinking deeply about why some people seem to race to the top of their profession, or have a breakthrough moment in their happiness level, or fall deeply, completely, and unexpectedly in love…

Why do some people seem to suddenly zoom past some limit that puts them in another stratosphere of living, while others just toil on?

I’ve been thinking so much about this because of YOU, all my friends and clients in my Mentoring Program.

Many of you have been breaking these barriers all year, and I’ve been closely following, always amazed when you each reach that inscrutable point (just like on the Daily Deal website) where you “tip.”

Like popcorn going off in a pan, what is the exact set of circumstances that make you “pop” past your old barriers and ways of thinking, and fully embrace a new world in which YOU are a powerful creator and manifestor, and nothing is outside of possibility for you anymore?

What is the common point, and the circumstances that lead to that moment?

Based on watching dozens of you do it, I’ve come up with five signs that you’re on the verge — the “tipping point” — of a major breakthrough in your thinking, success level, and in your life.  Here’s the first:

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“Oh Lord, let anything hurtful spit me out like a bad peanut.”

 Remember that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when Veruca Salt gets tossed down the chute for being a “bad peanut?” What a right and fitting end for her, we all thought.

As a bad peanut, Veruca was ejected from her situation. And, oddly, I find myself thinking along similar lines often in my life, whenever I say some variation of that to myself, usually something like, “If it isn’t in my Flow, it won’t stick. My Flow will reject it like a bad peanut” Or, “This bad situation can’t touch me, since I don’t resonate with it one tiny bit!”

I talk to a lot of people on my podcast and in the private sessions and workshops I hold. There are always people who have the same gripe, which goes like this:

“YOU have a great life. You’re lucky. But I have a horrible job that I dread going to — it’s SO mind numbing. And as for my husband and family…ugh, there’s constantly some problem! But YOU — you have an easy life because nothing bad ever happens to you. You’re lucky! Why?!”

Yikes. My hypothetical client has a lot of ugly situations in her life. And these situations should be rejecting her like a bad peanut — the kind where you eat one out of the bag and then spit it out in surprise, half-chewed, because it tastes like something died in it? That kind of bad situation.

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