• Essential Flowdreams (Best of) 280 px

    Essential Flowdreams (Best of) Playlist

    These are the best four mp3s to start your Flowdreaming practice and will give you a solid foundation. Experience clarity, action, emotional alignment, and self-love, and powerfully program your Flow to answer every one of your wishes with “Yes!”

  • Essential Flowdreams: Expansion Pack Playlist 280

    Essential Flowdreams: Expansion Pack Playlist

    Expand your core Flowdreaming library with this set of the absolute best Flowdreams in the store. Play with divine timing and incredible luck, and experience how it feels to know that everything you need and want is being attended to.
  • Ready to Go Big! Playlist 280 px

    Ready to Go Big! Playlist

    “Going big” tells your Flow that you’re ready for whatever growth and abundance should be coming next in your life. Create a vision of your future self even as you joyfully release all fear and generate happy anticipation for the successful person you’re truly becoming. This playlist pushes you!
  • Lucky and Guided Playlist 280 px

    Lucky and Guided Playlist

    Get an extra shot of good luck and divine timing in whatever you do! Entering a contest or casino? Waiting for cash-flow to come through just when you need it? Create the emotions for being super lucky and divinely guided in this high-energy, luck-generating playlist.
  • Get Unstuck! Playlist 280 px

    Get Unstuck! Playlist

    This is the ultimate playlist to get beyond feeling stuck … in your job, in your relationship, and in your life! Three Flowdreams wake you up, answer your fears and doubts, give you direction, and move you into a place of sure action.
  • Pure Inner Ecstacy 280px

    Pure Inner Ecstasy Playlist

    Experience the six most delicious, powerful, and emotionally nurturing Flowdreams in the whole store. This collection focuses on feeling loved all the time, in any situation. This is the perfect playlist to emotionally recondition yourself to feel amazing all the time, no matter what.

  • Daily Flow 280

    Daily Flow Playlist

    Daily Flow sets you up to be in perfect alignment all day, all night and any time you need it. Whether you need instant alignment, want to clear out your day or program tomorrow — it’s all here.
  • My Flowing Easy Life 280

    My Flowing, Easy Life Playlist

    Program in ease and fortune, and avoid trouble, every single day. What if problems never caught you ... and in fact, your life seemed to naturally deflect problems before they ever came up? This playlist cultivates a massive energy of easy, straightforward, upward growth.
  • Manifest My Ultimate Best Outcome Playlist 280 px

    Manifest My Ultimate Best Outcome Playlist

    Is there something you really need and want to happen? This playlist helps you create it by offering up the feelings of “this or better” along with a powerhouse of strong manifesting energy. The finale is the secure knowing that you've received your wish, because you feel so grateful for having it!
  • Reclaim My Power 280

    Reclaim My Power & Speak My Truth Playlist

    If you’ve been “going small,” afraid to say what you need to say, then this playlist opens you to your true, powerful nature and clears all obstacles and fears away from speaking your truth. Flows help you create the right circumstances to express your needs as you feel your inner power rise.
  • Stop Procrastinating 280

    Stop Procrastinating & Get It Done! Playlist

    People who use this playlist get four times as much done in a day as usual. Feel invigorated and inspired to clear through any project or task at hand. Clear out clutter, clean up your finances, finish your studies, get a book written, or do ANYTHING with focus and tremendous ease. 

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