Daily Flow Playlist

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Set up and manifest a great day, every day. Use this playlist to get instantly aligned, program your day ahead, and feel smooth, positive events unfolding in every area. This playlist creates a stream of good, easy Flow through your whole day.

This playlist contains the following three tracks:

1. Instant Alignment 

Align yourself in less than 5 minutes! People have been asking for short Flowdreams to play during the day, when they want to get into the Flow space quickly. This Flowdream is ideal for that. No matter what's troubling you (a difficult situation, work stress, an argument, frustration, or anything else), in this Flowdream you're led to feel instant "detanglement" as everything resolves. Anything out of alignment with you is instantly shed.

Further, you'll feel how tons of new, good things are coming to you. You'll re-align with the best and most powerful energies in your life. It's better than a trip to Starbucks! Drop straight into Flow in less than 5 minutes, and into feelings of intense inner alignment with your goals and future.

2. Program Today: Good Morning, Great Day! 

Wake up to a day of clarity, Flow, and magic! Include a Flowdream in your morning routine to help you manifest good things on a daily basis. Play this intensely focused "programming the day ahead" Flowdream to ensure that you step out the door on the right foot. Unlike a traditional meditation, this Flowdream is upbeat and motivating.

You'll be guided into your Flow to ask for Divine guidance and timing, and for a multitude of good things to pour into your life in the hours ahead. You'll feel surrounded by the positive, unobstructed energy of your Flow as you ask that all the right people come, events, and situations get set up for you. You'll set the tone and the intention so that any negativity or disruption that people around you might experience won't spill over on to you. You'll sail high above it, untouchable!

You'll "pre-feel" or pre-act the emotions you want this day to give you: such as for productivity, ease, happiness, and good health and vitality. Best of all, you can do all this magical work in just 12 minutes! Think of it as a kind of "concentrated prayer" to ensure that whatever you run into that day is part of your bigger picture that is keeping you perfectly in alignment in your life. Don't allow yourself to walk out the door with vague or unformed intentions, worry, dread, or a negative state of mind. Just a few moments in Flow can dramatically change the tone of your whole day, week, and month.

3. Program Tomorrow: An Evening Flowdream Meditation 

Implant the energies of your life with your hopes and desires for tomorrow. Just focus your thoughts and feelings into this delicious Flowdream Meditation at the end of your day, when you ask specifically for certain situations and conditions to develop the following day. You truly program your day ahead. You'll feel (or pre-act) all the things you want to encounter when you wake up the next morning. Feel rewards and recognition. Feel intimacy and good partnerships. Feel good decisions, or things going your way.

You can pre-experience literally ANYTHING that you want to encounter when you wake the next morning. This evening Flowdream will clear your mind of the day's events and set you up for a fantastic day after. It's especially good for helping you clarify and manifest in the near-short term — within 24 hours. Couple it with the "Program Today: Good Morning, Great Day" Flowdream, and you'll have a perfect morning/evening practice that never lets you get out of alignment with your Source energy. The cumulative effect is a broad upswing toward better and better things in every area of your life ... as well as some surprising bonuses! 


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"

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Track 1: Instant Alignment, 5 minutes

Track 2: Program Today: Good Morning, Great Day!, 12 minutes

Track 3: Program Tomorrow: An Evening Flowdream Meditation, 19 minutes

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