Daily Flowdreaming: 11 Flowdreams in 11 Days

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Powerful Daily Affirmations

By popular demand, Summer has finally created a daily series of Flowdreams that when played consistently, will help you develop an authentic, deeply connected sense of your Flow and then keep you there — no matter what life throws you that day. Over each of eleven days, you'll be guided by Summer's soothing yet emotive voice to explore an aspect of your Flow that will prime you for your day.

Each daily Flowdream is at most ten minutes long — ten potent, highly emotive minutes that flood your manifesting energy deep into your Flow. Play these powerful daily affirmations in the car, or at your computer, or on your mp3 player or smartphone. Each day, Summer addresses a slightly different aspect of your life.

An Alternative to Meditation

Day 1: "I FIND MY PASSION, AND IT FINDS ME" You begin by connecting and aligning into your Flow pathway. Where is it heading? Where is it taking you? You feel yourself streaking along this free, forward movement of life with purpose, joy, and uncontrollable enthusiasm. You hone in on the energy that is YOU when you're unstoppable and not beset by fears, doubts, or other insecurities. You seek and find the areas of your life where you already feel passion, and bask in powerful daily affirmations.

Day 2: "I FILL UP AGAIN" You ask yourself, "Where do I feel totally spent?" and "Where have I put too much energy into an unworkable situation?" You give your Flow a task today: "Find me a way, or release me from the desire." It's your day to dump those problems and people that pull you back, hold you down, or which feel like they'll never "happen" the way you want. Today, you give them all the flowing, creative power of Source and the Universe, along with your desire for their most perfect resolution.

Day 3: "THIS IS HOW I'M GOING TO FEEL" You're going to draw back...way back...from all those specific goals that you've narrowed your thinking into over time. This might be in your relationships, or in your career, or in your personal spiritual or creative life. Somewhere along the line, you focused narrowly on exactly what you "thought" would make you happy (the job, the partner, the house, etc.). And when "it" didn't arrive, you became frustrated and discouraged.

Today's alternative to meditation will you pull you back to regain focus and clarity on the state of being or feelings (security, love, happiness, etc.) in your life that you thought reaching your goals would give you. Today, we lose the goals and regain the feelings, and then watch as Flow moves into action lining up new ways for you to have those feelings in your life.

Day 4: "I AM DESERVING" ("I Deserve Wonderful Things") We're used to waiting in line. We wait our turn. And sometimes, it seems like we NEVER get to the head of the line. Even when our "turn" comes up, we step aside. We don't deserve it, it seems. How many times have you "almost" been the one selected? "Almost" had the perfect relationship?" "Almost" been hired?" When those "almosts" lead us into lives that are perpetually unfulfilling, we need to look at how our own feelings of "not deserving" get in the way. These powerful daily affirmations allow you to step to the head of the line — without guilt. After all, who knows what remarkable things you might do there, once you finally have the power to do them?

Day 5: "I CAN RELEASE WHAT'S NO LONGER NEEDED" ("I Release It") How long are you going to hang on to that garbage in your mind — the bitterness, the "holding on" to angry feelings that no longer help you, or the deep disappointment, rejection, or self-doubt that's still gripping you? All that has to go. Today we chip into it with a Flowdream that tells you it's okay to let this stuff go. In fact, holding it is like a dam in your Flow that stops the free forward motion of change and improvement. Flow on this release, today with powerful daily affirmations.

Day 6: "I AM HELPED" When we feel it's all "on us" to make things happen, we're missing the boat on so many levels. Friends help you, acquaintances help you, business associates, and even strangers help you. Flow rounds up anyone who's in alignment with your energy and gets you together. In turn, you do the same by being part of the creations of others. In short, you are never alone. You're just choosing to feel that way. In this Flowdream, we remember what it feels like to have guidance and assistance coming to us from all corners. With powerful daily affirmations dive deep into the place where we all further each others' goals and raise each other into success.

Day 7: "I AM LOVED AND CONTENTED" So often we think about what we don't have and what's not working and what's not right. But in relationships particularly, focusing on these feelings only yields more of the same. It's time to Flowdream the opposite: We are loved. We love others. And any points of stress or miscommunication or misalignment can be handled. Nothing is insurmountable. We Flowdream today to create ease and openness in our intimate relationships. We create more and deeper friendships. And, we create continued blooming love and growth in the relationships that are already fulfilling us.

Day 8: "I'M TOTALLY HEALTHY, IN MY MIND AND BODY" Our bodies are our friends and allies. They are here to support us each day as we gather experiences and love into our lives. So when they break down, we have to ask ourselves, "Why did you do this? What didn't I give you?" In this Flowdream, you give your body the positive attention you so often forget to give it. You use powerful daily affirmations to check that your body is healthy and your mind is free of anxiety, fear, worry, or depression. You remember what it's like to feel radiantly healthy and attractive.

Day 9: "I AM FINANCIALLY SAFE AND SUPPORTED" There shouldn't be a struggle between the material and the spiritual in your heart. Your "material" world supports your spiritual world, and vice versa. Money and security allow you to focus instead on those things that really DO matter to you — and for almost all of us, money is not the "end" — it's merely the means. Your Flowdream today confirms the presence of money and material security in your life and in the lives of those you care about — whether as near as your family or as far as people across the globe. We "tune in" to the frequency of money, and politely yet authoritatively ask it to be present for us today with powerful daily affirmations.

Day 10: "I LOVE MYSELF AND AM FILLED WITH SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ACCEPTANCE" You are a living, vibrant, unstoppably creative energy. And the energy that fuels your body and consciousness is continually answering prayers and creating your future, second by second. You are loved and adored as much as God loves Itself. Knowing this, when you Flow today, you'll remember just what an amazing, powerful, intelligent, and creative being you are, deserving of your own love. And once you feel that, you'll realize just how much drive, energy, and possibility exists in every moment before you.

Day 11: "MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED" Each day, you've felt blooming, wonderful, immense emotions inside you as you've focused within your Flow on the day's topic. Today, you'll move slightly ahead into your future, where whatever you've asked for has already occurred. Your prayers have been answered, and you really feel what it’s like when things are easy. Day 11 finishes your first round of the powerful daily affirmations series, but Day 1 awaits you all over again!

All eleven Flowdreams fill you up with positivity and are a perfect alternative to meditation to create lasting, deeply positive effects. They’re delivered as mp3 downloads for your instant gratification. This product contains 11 files that total approximately 100 MB. Listen to a sample of these powerful daily affirmations or download all of them now.

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