1. Deep Love Bundle 350

    Deep Love 30-Day Program

    Price: $149.00

    Special Price: $99.00

    This 30-Day Program rebuilds you from the inside out. Develop a new relationship with yourself that will become the most important and loving relationship of your life. Enjoy a masterclass plus six beautiful Flowdreams and two bonus meditations in this journey of inner healing and love. Learn More
  2.  Ultimate Self-Love & Self-Worth Playlist 200

    Ultimate Self-Love & Self-Worth Playlist

    Whether you're recovering from a past relationship or struggling with a current one, this playlist allows you to let go and feel better, immediately. Reclaim your personal power and find deep self-love and courage. Learn More
  3. Fall in Love 280 px

    Fall In Love (Magnetic Attraction) Playlist

    This playlist works to develop your energies so your perfect partner comes into your life at the perfect time, and you have enough self-love to receive them. Let go of any lack you feel your ability to love and be loved, opening the door for love to take root and grow. Learn More
  4. Love Myself Inside and Out Playlist 280 px

    Love Myself Inside and Out Playlist

    This trio emphasizes loving your own body and appearance as well as loving and accepting your inner self so deeply and fully that you never question your self-worth again. Learn More
  5. Release And Love Again Playlist 280 px

    Release And Love Again Playlist

    Whether you're recovering from a past relationship or struggling with a current one, this playlist allows you to let go and feel better, immediately. Let Flow know you are ready to release and love again. Learn More
  6. Heal My Relationship Playlist 280 px

    Heal My Relationship Playlist

    Know the right words to say and the right outcome to manifest with this playlist designed to help open communication and resolve relationships issues. Improve intimacy, solve problems in your relationship and establish healthy boundaries. Learn More
  7. Goddess Power 280 px

    Goddess Power Playlist

    The most feminine, sumptuous playlist we offer! Awaken your romantic and beautiful feminine energy, own your emotional power, and fully unconditionally accept how gorgeous, talented, and loving you truly are both in body and soul. Celebrate your beauty from the inside out, accepting every part of yourself, and people will notice. Learn More
  8. My Happy Family Playlist 280px

    My Happy Family Playlist

    Finally let go of all that drama between you and your siblings, parents, in-laws, exes, or children. This playlist heals past rifts and opens everyone to new ways of relating. You'll be powerfully surprised at how fast and effectively this set works to change the course of even long-standing family issues. Learn More
  9. Good Friends & Emotional Intimacy Playlist 280

    Good Friends & Emotional Intimacy Playlist

    Expand your circle of friends, and feel popular and loved. This playlist brings the right people into your life and deepens your intimacy with those already around you. Use this playlist to tell Flow you are ready and open to connecting with a thriving group. Learn More
  10. Bring in the love of your life 280 px

    Bring in the Love of Your Life

    This Flowdream calls your perfect partner, no matter where in the world they are, into your life. Ready your Flow to meet the mate of your dreams in the easiest way to have the perfect relationship you desire. Learn More
  11. Awaken My Feminine Power 280 px

    Awaken My Feminine Power

    Use this Flowdream to get in touch with your deepest feminine nature and awaken the complete you! Enhance your awareness of how beautiful you are and embrace your feminine power. Learn More
  12. Perfect, Delicious Closure (In Your Relationship) 280

    Perfect, Delicious Closure (In Your Relationship)

    If you have a past relationship that has left you grieving or is interfering with your ability to attract a new partner, this Flowdream is for you. Truly forgive your ex-partner and replace any sadness and regret with joy and sweet release. Learn More
  13. Beautiful As I Am (Total Self-Acceptance) 280 px

    Beautiful As I Am (Total Self-Acceptance)

    Find a deep sense of self-confidence and power with this Flowdream. Experience total acceptance about your appearance going into any situation where you want to feel desirable, attractive and comfortable. Learn More
  14. Dazzling Self-Love 280 px

    Dazzling Self-Love

    This Flowdream is like a bubble bath for your heart! Feel enormous confidence and deep self-acceptance. Find what is loveable and unique about yourself and remember that your best friend is YOU! Learn More
  15. Relationship Repair 280 px

    Relationship Repair

    This Flowdream will enable you and your partner to deeply and lovingly express your fears and upsets and anything you need to move through. You will both feel joy knowing you’re making the best decisions for both of you and your interactions will be healthy and healing. Learn More
  16. Perfect Communication and Intimacy 280

    Perfect Communication and Intimacy

    Restore your relationship with the Flowdream that open up communication with your partner and reignite passion. Enjoy clear communication and together with your partner make positive changes in your relationship. Learn More
  17. I Have So Many Good, Close Friends 280 px

    I Have So Many Good, Close Friends

    Use this Flowdream to send a message to Flow that you are open to bringing new, positive and supportive friendships into your life as well as to rekindling old friendships. Rid yourself of lonely feelings, and connect with a group of people who “get you.” Learn More
  18. Reawakening to Love and Intimacy 280 px

    Reawaken to Love and Intimacy

    Are you ready to be loved truly and deeply? Use this Flowdream to open yourself up to love and intimacy and bring good, connected relationships into your life. Feel emotionally supported and restore and trust your confidence and power around love. Learn More
  19. Strong Healthy Boundaries 280

    Strong Healthy Boundaries

    Use this Flowdream to create strong, healthy boundaries in any relationship. Regain your inner power, stop doubting your hunches and allow others to work through their issues without involving you. Learn More
  20. Happy Family (No More Family Drama) 280

    Happy Family (No More Family Drama)

    This Flowdream works to create harmony within your family and happy interactions. Release all drama and build a circle of support with any and every family member, including extended family and super close friends. Learn More
  21. Forgive Your Parents 280

    Forgive Your Parents and Release Your Past

    This Flowdream helps you to forgive your parents, release your past, and set your whole childhood into a new perspective — one that HELPS you rather than hinders you. You'll move deep into your Flow to truly, finally, release and let go of your childhood expectations and create a new relationship with your parents. Learn More