Forgive Your Parents and Release Your Past

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This is the perfect Flowdream when you realize that your past is holding your future hostage. No one wants to deal with past junk. But sometimes to move ahead, you have to heal first. "Why did you raise me like that? Why did you selfishly ignore me, or abandon me, or make me feel so unloved? Why do you make me feel guilty unless I do what you want me to do? Why am I never good enough?"

Yes, your past may have shaped you, but you CAN release it, and move into a new you that is sculpted not just by your upbringing, but by characteristics and goals that you feel today. To do this, you need to set the expectations you have for your parents free. 

This Flowdream helps you to forgive your parents, release your past, and set your whole childhood into a new perspective — one that HELPS you rather than hinders you. You'll move deep into your Flow to truly, finally, release and let go of your childhood expectations and create a new relationship with your parents that doesn't leave you feeling needy, abandoned, guilty, or angry.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • make peace with either or both parents 
  • resolve previously un-resolvable issues
  • free yourself of the unhappy feelings from your past
  • emerge into a new relationship with your parents based on mutual respect and love


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Forgive Your Parents and Release Your Paset Sample