Health & Wellbeing

  1. Sleep Like A Baby Playlist 280 px

    Sleep Like A Baby Playlist

    Fall asleep to strong, supportive messages about what you want and desire, knowing that your body and mind are being filled with powerful, pure feelings about yourself and your future. Learn More
  2. The Flowdreaming Weight Loss Support System 280 jpg

    The Flowdreaming Weight Loss Support System - DOWNLOADABLE BOOK & AUDIOS

    Price: $27.95

    Special Price: $23.95

    The Flowdreaming Weight-loss Support System is a two-week program that helps you lose weight and feel fit and attractive again. You'll dig deep into the roots and patterns for gaining and regaining weight, so you can let go of it forever. The program contains a 96-page PDF book and 114 minutes of audio files. Learn More
  3. CD-Cover-Lose-Weight-Now-280px.gif

    Lose Weight Now! Playlist

    Lose 10 pounds or 50 and keep it off! The Flowdreaming Weight Loss Support System Playlist is designed to uncover and eradicate every bit of resistance in your body to staying slim. In only two weeks, your body becomes your friend, not your enemy. Learn More
  4. Heal My Body (Feel Better Now) Playlist 280 px

    Heal My Body (Feel Better Now) Playlist

    Release stress and sickness, and feel better now! Three tracks to help you resolve any health issue, from small things like colds and allergies to larger health concerns that require ongoing, deep physical healing. Find immediate relief from the inside out by alternating between these Flowdreams to target any ailment that is troubling you! Learn More
  5. CD-Cover-Immediate-relief-from-Depression-or-Anxiety-Playlist-280.gif

    Immediate Relief from Depression or Anxiety Playlist

    Snap yourself out of immobilizing anxiety or depression. Whether your stress stems from relationship problems, money troubles, health worries, family issues, or anything else, the soothing words and intense emotion present in the three tracks in this playlist work to STOP and even reverse your paralyzing fears, helping you regain control of your mind and feelings. Learn More
  6. 280px

    Cancer Free Forever

    Fighting cancer requires you to reach out on multiple fronts. Work with your body and medicine, and work with your heart and emotion. After surviving Stage 2 breast cancer at 43, Summer was inspired to make a playlist she could turn to even when her mind was the darkest. From the day of chemo, to the surgeries, to the weeks of healing and pain, she went into Flow and this is what she felt--all captured here in this intimate peek into her heart and energy. Whether you or someone you love is facing cancer, equip them with the emotional fighting tools they need. This is a hard-won, scare resource to help you fight cancer from your inner emotional space, outward. Learn More
  7. My Ideal Body 280

    My Ideal Body

    This Flowdream will become your precise guide to show your body how you want it to look and feel. Positive, Flow-charged feelings will help you to move toward the blueprint you’ve created for your ideal body. Learn More
  8. Deep Healing and Repair 280 px

    Deep Healing and Repair

    This Flowdream will take you to the “Fountain of Health” as you instruct your body to renew and heal itself and sustain its regeneration. Use this to recover yourself or anyone else from any kind of illness, injury or disease. Learn More
  9. Instant Self-Healing 280 px

    Instant Self-Healing

    Feel instantly better and relieve symptoms for a variety of conditions such as headaches, colds, muscle pains, upset stomach and more. Bring in healing, flowing light to speed up your recovery. Learn More
  10. Powerful Inner Healing & Release 280

    Powerful Inner Healing & Release

    This gentle Flowdream allows you to grow by releasing, healing and renewing from anything in your past. Create a new energy template and replace years of grief or trauma with acceptance and peace. Learn More
  11. Free From Habits and Addiction 280 px

    Free From Habits and Addiction

    If you find yourself filling a void in your life with food, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling or any other addiction, this Flowdream is for you. Let go of the need to self-medicate by healing yourself and dropping the need for your habit. Learn More
  12. Instant Anxiety Relief 280px

    Instant Anxiety Relief

    Immediately wash away feelings of panic, freak-out, worry, or anxiety. Within minutes, you can feel peaceful, safe, and confident instead. Use this track to instantly restore emotional equilibrium whenever you need it. Learn More
  13. CD-Cover-Immediate-Relief-from-Stress-or-Anger-28px.gif

    Immediate Relief from Stress and Anger

    Are stress and anger eating you up? This Flowdream works to help your entire Flow energy system to reverse these feelings and replace them with positive feelings of control, release and immediate peace. Learn More
  14. CD-Cover-Immediate-Relief-from-Depression-280px.gif

    Immediate Relief from Depression

    If you have hit a rough patch in your life and find yourself tumbling toward depression, this Flowdream will help you to “wake up” by inserting positivity into your Flow. Regain your passion and inspiration while releasing hopelessness and despair. Learn More
  15. Instant Alignment 800280px

    Instant Alignment

    Get yourself instantly into alignment with this 5-minute Flowdream. Listen anytime you need a powerful boost of intense alignment with your goals and future. Learn More