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  • Action, Action! 275

    Action, Action!

    Action Action is your go-to Flowdream for any time you feel stuck or indecisive. Release everything that has stopped you from moving forward. Let your Flow move you out of fear and straight into ...
  • Fall in Love  275

    Fall In Love (Magnetic Attraction) Playlist

    This playlist works to develop your energies so your perfect partner comes into your life at the perfect time, and you have enough self-love to receive them. Let go of any lack you feel your abil...
  • Essential Flowdreams (Best of)

    Essential Flowdreams (Best of) Playlist

    These are the best four mp3s to start your Flowdreaming practice and will give you a solid foundation. Experience clarity, action, emotional alignment, and self-love, and powerfully program your ...
  • Get Unstuck! Playlist  275

    Get Unstuck! Playlist

    This is the ultimate playlist to get beyond feeling stuck … in your job, in your relationship, and in your life! Three Flowdreams wake you up, answer your fears and doubts, give you direction, ...
  • Happy Family 275

    Happy Family (No More Family Drama)

    This Flowdream works to create harmony within your family and happy interactions. Release all drama and build a circle of support with any and every family member, including extended family and s...
  • Enhance-Creativity-and-Move-Past-Blocks 275

    Enhance Your Creativity and Move Past Creative Blocks

    This is the perfect Flowdream for anyone who feels stuck in a creative project or career. Feel refreshed with loads of new ideas and be motivated to take action! ...
  • Enough Time for Everything 275

    Enough Time for Everything

    This Flowdream is your ultimate time management tool! Have enough time for everything. Stop feeling stressed, pressured, and behind. Use pre-action to emotionally encode your Flow with a directiv...
  • Relationship Repair  275

    Relationship Repair

    This Flowdream will enable you and your partner to deeply and lovingly express your fears and upsets and anything you need to move through. You will both feel joy knowing you’re making the best...
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