• Action, Action! 280 px

    Action, Action!

    Action Action is your go-to Flowdream for any time you feel stuck or indecisive. Release everything that has stopped you from moving forward. Let your Flow move you out of fear and straight into action!
  • Speak My Truth 280

    Speak My Truth

    Whatever you’ve been bottling up and holding back is stopping your Flow. Use this Flowdream to allow you to finally express yourself and resolve situations you’ve been avoiding in a safe, loving way.
  • Crystal Clarity 280

    Crystal Clarity

    Use this Flowdream to have complete clarity about any decision or situation in your past, current or future. Release all confusion and indecisiveness and find relief that you know the best path to take.
  • Effortless Decisions 280 px

    Effortless Decisions

    Release all fear and indecision and make effortless decisions every time with this Flowdream. Feel immense trust, and know that the best solution or choice will come to you easily.
  • Everything Is Easy 280 px

    Everything Is Easy

    Imagine a life of pure ease. Many of us think that we need to learn through pain and hardship. This Flowdream will show you how to allow yourself to choose ease over difficulty in any situation. You can learn through ease you just need the right tools to do it. This mp3 will show you how smoothly and how quickly you can achieve anything you want!
  • Supercharged Manifesting 280 jpg

    Supercharged Manifesting

    This Flowdream was designed to help you increase your fundamental manifesting power! Learn to precisely control your emotional energy and reconnect with your emotional self.
  • This Or Better: Manifest Anything 280

    This Or Better: Manifest Anything

    Is what you desire the right thing for you? Use this Flowdream to ask Flow to bring you what you want, and if it isn’t the right thing, you’ll get something even better! Flow will give you the best outcome, even if you don’t know what that is.
  • Overcome Procrastination and Get Things Done 280 px

    Overcome Procrastination and Get Things Done

    Whatever it is you’ve been putting off, this Flowdream will help you start or finish. The project or task will become easy for you to complete, and you will discover all the resources you need are right in front of you.
  • Release Frustration and Impatience 280 px jpg

    Release Frustration and Impatience

    If you’re feeling frustrate or impatient, this Flowdream tosses those feelings into Flow. Open doors, create solutions and RELAX about what you want and when you want it. Let go of anger, frustration, impatience and replace them with peace and ease.

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