• Super Lucky 280

    Super Lucky

    Something wonderful is coming to you. Whether you want to WIN things (lottery, casinos, even your local bake contest) or if you’re desiring that some wonderful event or opportunity come to you, this Flowdream can help! You’ll bring in the energy of big winnings (money, cars, vacations — you name it!) as well as a cascade of good, lucky occurrences.
  • Super Juicy Gratitude 280

    Super Juicy Gratitude

    Super Juicy Gratitude gets you in balance and out of frustration. It allows you to feel that you deserve what you received because you are so magnificent Flow bestows amazing things on you. This enables you to attract more of the goodness you already have.
  • Remove Obstacles and Resolve Irresolvable Situations 280 px

    Remove Obstacles and Resolve Irresolvable Situations

    Is there something in your way, or an issue you can’t resolve? Use this Flowdream to remove stale, stuck and restrictive energy and replace it with positive, healing breakthrough energy.
  • My Trouble-Free Life 280 px

    My Trouble-Free Life

    This Flowdream was designed to build up your immunity to trouble of all kinds! Life doesn’t have to be hard and filled with drama. From a lawsuit hanging over your head, to a toxic co-worker, or an ex who continues to make your life difficult, this mp3 will help you create nice, easy paths for yourself free of any of those negative energies.
  • Emotional Ecstasy 280 px

    Emotional Ecstasy

    You no longer need to rely on the world around you to experience joy or emotional fulfillment. This Flowdream will rebuild your understanding of how and when you’re allowed to feel good. Be utterly joyful and fulfilled anytime you want, and watch physical events around you align to those feelings.
  • Going Big 280 px

    Going Big

    Release anything inside you that is holding you back from going big! Let go of insecurities and fully embrace who you are and what you’re capable of. Free yourself to move past your “ceilings” and create anything you desire.
  • Beyond Fear 280

    Beyond Fear

    Breakthrough all fear and doubt and experience what it feel like to live beyond fear. This is the ultimate pattern breaking and ceilings busting Flowdream, since it works to continuously strengthen you from the inside out.
  • Reclaim My Power 280 px

    Reclaim My Power

    This Flowdream helps you to reclaim your power and take your energy back from people and situations who take it from you. Discover who and what has been siphoning your power and release them in this phenomenal power trip.
  • My Future Self 280 px

    My Future Self

    This Flowdream helps you identify exactly how you want to be and feel in the future, and immerses you in those feelings. Use it to program what’s ahead of you, as you literally bring your Future Self in your “now.”
  • The Yellow Brick Road of Yes's 280

    The Yellow Brick Road of Yes's

    This Flowdream allows you to see, feel, or experience anything that symbolizes a “yes” feeling. We all have things we’re waiting for a green light on. Use this Flowdream to envision the “yes” feeling surrounding this thing — or your whole life — flow with yes’s.
  • Super Inner Yumminess 280

    Super Inner Yumminess

    Super Inner Yumminess is a Flowdream that boosts your self-love and courage and ends other people’s control over how you feel. Realize how powerful, lovable and strong you truly are!
  • Program Today: Good Morning, Great Day! 280

    Program Today: Good Morning, Great Day!

    Program today or any day with a multitude of good things with guidance and Divine timing. Any negativity or disruption will evade you as your Flow brings only the right people, events, and situations into your day.

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