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Fall asleep to strong, supportive messages about what you want and desire, knowing that your body and mind are being filled with powerful, pure feelings about yourself and your future.

This playlist contains the following four tracks:

1. Sleep: All Good Things Come to Me 

We fill our thoughts with the idea that all good things come to us and present themselves to us in our life. That even while we sleep, events are unfolding in our favor, people are coming forward to help us, and life is organizing itself to offer us a bounty of fruitful situations. We wake in the morning with the thought that today will be magnificent, and the day, in fact, is.

2. Sleep: Deep, Peaceful, Restorative Sleep 

You'll gently guide your body into its natural sleep cycle, encouraging it to rest and renew itself. Release worry and allow the mind "that won't stop thinking" to instead focus on the soothing words and imagery of the Flow. We program the body to wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. This track is a "spa for the mind."

3. Sleep: Pure Love and Self-Forgiveness

You'll fall asleep to encouraging words and feelings about yourself — all those things you wish you had been told about yourself while growing up. You're beautiful or handsome. Talented. Smart. Thoughtful. Creative. Financially secure. Loving. Good. And much more. We forgive ourselves for our past mistakes, let go of our own poor feelings about ourselves, and we commit to love the magnificent being that we are. 

4. Sleep: Releasing Insecurity and Replacing It with Confidence and Fearlessness 

As you fall asleep, we fill your mind with thoughts about your own worthiness. We unburden ourselves of feelings of not being good enough, or not deserving to have wonderful things — such as our most secret dreams — in our life. We replace insecurity with allowing our true talents and worth to bloom and blossom.


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations" 


Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: Sleep: All Good Things Come to Me, 12 minutes

Track 2: Sleep: Deep, Peaceful, Restorative Sleep, 14 minutes

Track 3: Sleep: Pure Love and Self-Forgiveness, 14 minutes

Track 4: Sleep: Releasing Insecurity and Replacing It with Confidence and Fearlessness, 14 minutes

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