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If you want extraordinary growth, tons of sales, and support from every corner in your business, then you need to do more than just physical work—you need to set yourself up emotionally and energetically to both build and receive all the prizes a successful business brings you.

Each day, you'll start your morning with a short Flowdream that sets up the energy for the day: your day is a breeze cashflow comes in, and you get all the resources you need to grow your reach, influence and sales.

Then when the day is done, you'll again play a short track that releases stress, sets up good energy for the next day, and asks the Universe to help with any course-corrections necessary to eliminate any sources of conflict or blocks.

Not only that, but each day you'll play the track for the day, rotating through five different subject areas through the week. Each track tackles one of the problem areas that business owners face, and solves it with energy, emotion, and ease. When played regularly, these tracks totally transform your mindset in each area, allowing you to break through into new levels of success in your business. 

These Flowdreams are better than any business book, because unlike a book, you're emotionally practicing and sculpting energy inside your business every time you play a track. Your business is a reflection of you, and these Flowdreams are crafted to move you into the highest success you can achieve in terms of cashflow, clients, sales, and more.

Tracks include:

Track 1: An Entrepreneur’s Start of the Day

  • you have plenty of time to get everything done - what a productive day!
  • everything you experience today is positive and works out well for you
  • you expect some wonderful new things to happen to move your business in the right direction

Track 2: Monday – Clear Vision and Perfect Direction

  • you're one step ahead of everyone else
  • it's easy to see the right direction to go in, and your vision for your work is crystal clear
  • you make excellent decisions in your work that yield the best results
  • money flows in because you are totally on track with what you should be doing

Track 3: Tuesday – Tons of Sales, Clients & Customers

  • everyone wants what you offer and your totally booked, sold out, closing deals and making tons of money
  • new clients flock to you—you even have a waitlist!
  • previous clients or customers return, adding even more to your bottom line
  • this is one of the highest cashflow days of the month/year!

Track 4: Wednesday – An Amazing Team

  • the people around you, whether employees, peers or family, totally support you in your career
  • your team (venders, contractors, suppliers, employees, associates) work together easily and happily. They love being part of your business!
  • your team is loyal, efficient, and hardworking
  • anyone in your business who doesn't fit, is unhappy, or doesn't align to you is easily moved out and away from you and your company

Track 5: Thursday – Huge Cashflow Now

  • your paycheck rises, your income explodes with huge growth
  • cash comes in from all kinds of good sources, filling up your bank accounts
  • you have all the money you need to grow your business, pay yourself and team, and you even have tons left over
  • you are floating in the energy of cashflow and income. It is attracted to you and flows in effortlessly

Track 6: Friday – Impact & Being Seen

  • you experience tons of lucky breaks and beneficial connections
  • influential people and partnerships reach out to you to grow your business's visibility and reach
  • you have mass exposure for your business — everyone hears about you!
  • the Universe supports and embraces your vision by creating circumstances, partnerships, and opportunities for massive publicly and reach to lift your business to the next level

Track 7: An Entrepreneur’s End of the Day

  • today moved the needle — you experienced growth and increased cashflow
  • you relax and release any problems from the day, your mind is peaceful and ready for tomorrow
  • you feel incredibly content, positive, and happy about your work. You know you're doing what you're born to do


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations" 


Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: An Entrepreneur’s Start of the Day, 7 minutes

Track 2: Monday – Clear Vision and Perfect Direction, 10 minutes

Track 3: Tuesday – Tons of Sales, Clients & Customers, 10 minutes

Track 4: Wednesday – An Amazing Team, 10 minutes

Track 5: Thursday – Huge Cashflow Now, 11 minutes

Track 6: Friday – Impact & Being Seen, 11 minutes

Track 7: An Entrepreneur’s End of the Day, 9 minutes


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