1. No more negativity 280 jpg

    No More Negativity: Feel Safety, Sunshine, and Ease Playlist

    Tired of negative people and draining situations? Use this playlist to manifest peaceful, stress-free relationships and resolve all kinds of obstacles and frustrations. Learn More
  2. Intuitive Guidance and Awakening Playlist 280 px

    Intuitive Guidance and Awakening Playlist

    Wake up, deepen, and enhance your empathic intuitive potential. This playlist introduces emotion as your primary intuitive vehicle and positions you in perfect Divine Timing for whatever you need next. Discover a new way to both send and receive psychic information in the flowing consciousness of the Universe. Learn More
  3. Ask And I Will Receive Playlist 280 jpg

    Ask And I Will Receive Playlist

    This playlist will lead you to know exactly what you want, how to get it and help you release any negative feelings you have about not having it yet. The three Flowdreams each serve a unique purpose helping you ask for and receive anything! Learn More
  4. Heavenly Love 280

    Heavenly Love Playlist

    Your prayers are answered, and God loves and protects you. Connect with more than just words … instead, feel this understanding incredibly deeply as you reconnect to your perfection in God’s eyes. This playlist is perfect for those who have a strong connection to God. Learn More
  5. Divine Timing 280 px

    Divine Timing

    Divine timing means you always get what you need, when you need it. This Flowdream creates the perfect chain of events in the exact timing to get you to any goal, whether it’s in your love life, career or anything else. Learn More
  6. My Prayers Have Been Answered 280 px

    My Prayers Have Been Answered

    The simple statement, "My prayers have been answered" is incredibly powerful! In this Flowdream, you'll be swept into the magical feeling that what you've asked for has already come to pass. Get into the heart of what your future is like when your prayer has been answered in such a way that everyone and everything involved in your request is incredibly happy and enthusiastic about the outcome. Learn More
  7. Safe, Secure And Protected 280

    Safe, Secure And Protected

    Use this Flowdream to create security around yourself, whether it by physical, emotional or financial. Insecurity impends your Flow and ability to make positive change, so replace that feeling with one of feeling constantly protected and divinely guided. Learn More
  8. Open and Expand Your Empathic Intuition 280 px jpg

    Open and Expand Your Empathic Intuition

    This Flowdream was created to help you open and expand your empathic intuition, enabling you to sense what people are feeling and even what is going to happen next. Use it for insight into your life and to embrace your intuitive hunches. Learn More
  9. Meet the Greater You, Your Guides, or Angels 280 px

    Meet the Greater You, Your Guides, or Angels

    Immerse yourself in Source’s powerful force, and see, ask for and experience anything your heart yearns for. Offer up your worries to your higher power or greater consciousness. Learn More
  10. Heavenly Flow 280

    Heavenly Flow

    Use this powerful Flowdream to reconnect you to Source energy and affirm that you are in God’s hands and everything will be ok. Feel safe, protected and loved while remembering your own inner Source. Learn More
  11. Repel Negativity & Create Protection 280 jpg

    Repel Negativity & Create Protection

    This Flowdream will release you from the negativity and worry from the people and places around you. Change your energy state and break free, returning to a positive, flowing state. Also use it shield yourself and repel negative energy. Learn More