1. Destress & Detox 280

    Destress & Detox Meditation Playlist

    These two Flowdream Meditations are designed to help you restore and flush out toxic emotions and completely relieve you of stress. Use Emotional Detox to give yourself an emotional cleansing and a wonderful, peaceful sleep. Total Stress Release can be used anytime, anywhere to get you in a place of complete ease, free from worry. Learn More
  2. Overnight Riches Meditation Playlist 280 px

    Overnight Riches Meditation Playlist

    Manifest wealth and new streams of income as you drift to sleep or meditate. Experience the feeling of being truly open to universal abundance as you bask in the same energetic template that wealthy people possess. Learn More
  3. Program My Amazing Day Meditation + Flowdream Playlist 280 jpg

    Program My Amazing Day Meditation + Flowdream Playlist

    Start your day with an up-tempo guided Flowdream to create a positive, lucky spin on your day and close the evening out with a soothing, purposeful meditation to preprogram the events of your next morning. Learn More
  4. Find My Life Partner Meditation Playlist 280 px

    Find My Life Partner Meditation Playlist

    Manifest the feeling of your soul mate at your side as well as deep self-love. Your life partner is waiting to connect with you, and this set sends the Universe a powerful message of “Let’s do it already!” as you meditate or fall asleep to this amazing duo.   Learn More
  5. Restored, Aligned & In Control Meditation Playlist 280

    Restored, Aligned & In Control Meditation Playlist

    Feel aligned in and in control even in the midst of change. Get the absolute best from whatever is going on around you, so you come out on top. This is a unique meditation combo you’ll use again and again. Learn More
  6. Dreams 280 jpg

    Dreams - Music Playlist

    This 4-song playlist has no vocals and is designed to bring beauty and focus to you mind as you reach your powerful Flow state. Enjoy the sounds of seabirds, fountains, ocean surf and more. Learn More
  7. Driftwood - Music 280 px jpg

    Driftwood - Music Playlist

    Gorgeous long tracks help you slip right into a daydream. Water, seabirds, and rolling waves of sound will help you move into a deep, powerful state of mind. This playlist contains no vocals and can be used for meditation, falling asleep, or for custom Flowdreaming. Learn More
  8. Guided & Fearless Meditation Playlist 280 px

    Guided & Fearless Meditation Playlist

    Cultivate the qualities of fearless confidence and deep inner direction. Feel protected, on track, and unstoppable in this extremely powerful meditation playlist. Let the Universe know you are ready for a real change and make confident decisions while feeling thoroughly guided and looked after. Learn More