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Winner's Mindset

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Win things everywhere you go! This Flowdream concentrates on creating lucky, winning energy all around you. Perfect for using before buying lottery or raffle tickets, gambling, going to the racetrack, entering sweepstakes, being selected for a prize or contract, or any other time when you need a strong win.

Increase your feelings of luck and surround yourself with a winner's mindset. Lucky people feel lucky, and this Flowdream helps you generate strong lucky feelings and energy.

Note: This Flowdream is more focused than the Super Lucky Flowdream. Super Lucky nurtures broad feelings of luck and good happening all through your life, whereas Winner's Mindset concentrates on specific wins.

Use this Flowdream when:

  • entering a sweepstakes or raffle
  • betting or gambling
  • winning a prize or contract, or being selected above anyone else
  • you want to feel centered, lucky and positive whenever you're facing a win/lose situation


Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick

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