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Intuitive Guidance and Awakening Playlist

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Wake up, deepen, and enhance your empathic intuitive potential. This playlist introduces emotion as your primary intuitive vehicle and positions you in perfect Divine Timing for whatever you need next. Discover a new way to both send and receive psychic information in the flowing consciousness of the Universe.

This playlist includes the following three tracks:

1. Divine Timing 

You're exactly where you need to be, right now. Your Flow has already answered you with your next step. Open your eyes to it. It may not be what you're expecting. Divine Timing is a sudden, full understanding that larger forces are at play, and your request is being slotted into the "bigger picture" for your life ... and anyone else's involved. So don't sweat it. You want your wish to work well with everything else in your life, right? Then let the pieces evolve together into the most right pattern. 

Divine Timing creates enormous trust and a feeling of peace ... because you know that whatever you're manifesting is being worked on, and worked out, and everything you need to reach your goal is being lined up for you. Divine Timing means you get what you need, when you need it — always. You don't have to worry how or when your desire or goal will occur. It reminds you that you are perfect exactly where you are, even if it seems otherwise.

How would this work for you, and why is it such a potent Flowdream? For example, if you're seeking a new partner in life, this Flowdream helps you know that you're both moving through whatever needs to occur for the two of you to meet in perfect divine timing. If you're wanting to change careers, this Flowdream helps you program your future so that you're in the absolute right position, at the absolute perfect time, when the most perfect job opens for you. If you're wanting to move, this Flowdream ensures that every detail that needs to take place does so in the best possible order, and the right home or apartment appears just when it should, with the old occupants moving just when they should, etc.  This Flowdream creates the exact perfect chain of events in the exact perfect timing to get you to your goal.

2. Meet the Greater You, Your Guides, or Angels

See, feel, and immerse yourself in Source's powerful force, and in that incredible Flow, you can see, ask for, or experience anything your heart yearns for! What better way to receive guidance than direct from Spirit, in your own powerful Flow? No matter what "higher power" you turn to, you'll find that this mp3 helps to connect you to it. You'll reach out, meet with, and merge with an expanded consciousness here, which you may call your soul-self or Higher Self.

You'll also find yourself meeting your guide or angel, or messenger from God or Source who is most helpful to you right now (sort of like your best friend on the Other Side!). (We don't use any language that excludes any belief.) You'll be able to ask questions and be helped by this powerful energy, and given direction on specific situations, and you can do this again and again — as often as you play the mp3.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • offer up your worries and concerns to a higher power or greater consciousness
  • find answers and solutions to situations on your mind
  • meet the powerful guiding Consciousness that is most concerned about your well-being (your Guide, angel, or other good energy you may be connected to)

3. Open and Expand Your Empathic Intuition 

Open and expand your empathic intuition using EMOTION as your primary means of sensing information. This might be information about your future, past, or right now. It might mean being able to FEEL what other people are feeling or thinking (a.k.a. reading minds) or it might mean simply knowing what is about to happen next. This mp3 is designed to allow your own intuitive sense to bloom and open, gently yet powerfully. 

Listen daily or even just twice a week, and you'll begin to notice that you seem to just "know" more about the people and situations around you. You seem to constantly "feel" universal or Source-given guidance that before seemed so rare, or was maybe hard to read. You'll experience what it feels like to have a "sixth" sense — your emotional sense, as a huge part of your life that is constantly giving you useful information. People might even start to ask, "Are you psychic?!"

Use this Flowdream to:

  • allow more intuition and flashes of insight into your life
  • understand what it feels like to have ongoing, useful intuitive hunches — and know you are right!
  • blossom into the flowing, in-touch being that you are meant to be


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations" 


Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: Divine Timing, 18 minutes 

Track 2: Meet the Greater You, Your Guides, or Angels, 22 minutes

Track 3: Open and Expand Your Empathic Intuition, 15 minutes


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