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More Money Monthly is a targeted Flowdream to help you feel what it's like to have more income and stability enter your life every single month. Immerse yourself in the feeling of having your income steadily climb. It's a GREAT feeling, and one worth cultivating over and over in your Flow.

What you focus on and feel ... you create as a living template in your Flow. Imagine the sensation of increasing bounty, security, and prosperity. You'll let this feeling settle through you, comfortable and real. You become a person whose income is steadily increasing, then adjusting, and increasing some more. You are on an upswing.

Too many of us get caught in feeling that income can just "slip away so quickly" or that increases in our financial lives are tough to come by. Reprogram yourself to feel that, instead, money is a friend and ally. It finds ways to be with you. And, you deserve this money. You're smart, capable, and talented, and your income should be and IS climbing. It's not hard. It's not pie-in-the-sky. There really is a talent, opportunity, potential clients or customers, or other routes for income there for you. They are ALREADY WAITING for you, waiting for you to start tracking towards them.

This Flowdream creates the template where you step into money and into a life where money worries are no longer relevant — you step into a place where millions of other people already are ... on the "more money monthly" flow of energy.

Use this Flowdream if you:  

  • want to feel your income increase in a stable, consistent way  
  • want to open yourself to allowing in new, unexpected sources of income  
  • feel best about creating a steady, gradual upswing in your finances, instead of having "highs and lows" or waiting for windfalls 


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
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13 minutes

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