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Whenever you feel drained, exhausted, and like life just doesn't listen to you, you're in the perfect place to play “Reclaim My Power.” Reclaiming your power is about taking your energy back from situations and people who habitually take it from you. You'll be learning how to NEVER let other people rob you of your power and force. 

Whenever you go around and around in your mind about situations or people who make you angry — you're giving away your power. Whenever you blame someone for not stepping up to your need for them to do or be what you want — you're giving away your power. All these indicate situations where you're experiencing a "power leak." Power leaks are like battery leaks: they're constant, ongoing siphons of your inner power that drain your manifesting energy day in and day out. 

You have to plug to these leaks if you ever want to fill up with good, enriching, sweet Universal power again. You have to plug these leaks to move forward and away from old situations, expectations, or people that do nothing but suck your power. Strong manifestors seek out every power leak and stop it.

This Flowdream is a phenomenal "power trip" inside your Flow to find and eradicate all the people, places, and ideas that are dragging you down. Once you see them and free them, you'll experience a huge uplift in not only your own personal energy and enthusiasm, but in almost every other area of your life as well.

Working with this Flowdream will allow you to:

  • never again lose your power to other people 
  • discover what and who has been sucking your power 
  • "reclaim the blame" so you can be in charge again — not someone else 
  • let go and release people and problems that keep you down

Highly recommend.


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
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22 minutes

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