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Step into your next level in life. “Going big” tells your Flow that you’re ready for whatever growth and abundance should be coming next in your life. Create a vision of your future self even as you joyfully release all fear and generate happy anticipation for the successful person you’re truly becoming. This playlist pushes you!

This playlist contains the following three tracks

1. Beyond Fear 

Leveling up in your life means that you're ready to commit to doing ANYTHING Flow gives you that will break you free from where you are. You have to move your mindset into a new comfort-zone, and this means feeling uncomfortable for a while. It means facing this discomfort by truly taking on your fears and deciding that they are no longer dictating your decisions and your life. Fears are insidious. Half the time, they go around masquerading as something else: self-doubt, insecurity, aversion to risk, inability to say what you want or how you feel, indecision, confusion. All of these are manifestations of fear.

Once you get in the habit of peeling back the layers and looking for fear at the heart of each thing that holds you back, you'll find fear almost everywhere. Instead, tell the Universe you're ready for a real change. You're ready to stop hanging back. You're ready to live a life without fear. This Flowdream lets you discover how you feel beyond your own fears. It's a feeling-place unique to you, where you are unstoppable, strong, powerful, and utterly free. Once you taste this feeling, it'll become one of your favorite Flowdreams. In fact, in ranks in our Top 10 Most-Loved Flowdreams!

Use this Flowdream to:

  • discover where your fears are and how they hold you back
  • encounter your "fear-free zone" and allow it to start guiding you daily
  • feel the delicious freedom of making choices without fear or doubt

2. Going Big

Do you feel that if you "go big," you'll alienate people, or something bad will happen? Why do we feel like if we truly let our light shine and step forward and say "I'll take that/do that/be that" because I'm that good and I CAN, that someone else will feel hurt, jealous, envious, criticize us, or somehow make us uncomfortable? Why do we fear a backlash for stepping into our greatness?

Many of us have been taught since childhood to not put ourselves ahead of others. You're told to "play nice" and share. You're told that if you have an amazing skill, then downplay it so you don't come across as conceited or boastful. You're told to wait your turn. You're told to stay with the herd, because that's where your friends are.

The upshot of this old programming is that time and again in our adult lives, we hesitate just enough when stepping forward that someone else then leaps in front of us. We end up with second-best, all the time, in areas from relationships to promotions. Further, when we do start embracing our greatness, we suffer insecurities like, "I'm not as good as that other person is, so why should I be doing/having/creating this?" And, "If I really go for something, what if I fail? What if it's a huge mistake? What I end up broke, or alone?" And that's where many of us stay: in the uncomfortable middle-ground between "going big" and suffocating mediocrity.

This is why you reach a certain level success, and can never seem to top it. This Flowdream changes that. You'll feel yourself finally fully embracing who you are, what you can do, and what you're capable of. You'll allow yourself off your own leash to pursue whatever it is that you want to build or create — either the business of your dreams, the lifestyle you pine for, or the loving partnership that was only a fantasy before. You free yourself to Go Big, and see just what that means to you. How far will you go? What level of success will you attain, if you had NO fears that others will be jealous or critical, or that something bad will happen if you surrender to your dreams? Most importantly, you'll blaze past all your former "ceilings" of success into new, richer, more abundant territory. Your "stuck" time will be over.

This highly potent Flowdream is not the easiest to describe, because essentially it's about UNLOCKING some critical part of yourself in the Flow. You have to feel this to know just how deep it goes in you, and what it lets out of you. Highly recommended!

3. My Future Self 

What will you be like in one year? How about in five? How will you have changed, and how will you feel? Will you be healthy? In love? Content? Happy in your work? This Flowdream helps you identify exactly how you want to be and feel ... the Future You. You'll get a full body, mind, and spirit RUSH as you project yourself, in your Flow, into this person you're becoming. And of course, this future-you has a life that's smooth, frictionless, and wonderful! You have all that you need. You're satisfied in every way. And you feel and look great!

You'll program in all good things for your future, then you can experience it in this Flowdream over and over. You'll program in how anything that's out of alignment or feels bad or difficult has been fixed in your future. You'll program in the wealth, good health, or love or inner fulfillment you crave ... and much more. But, the BEST part of this particular Flowdream is how you completely and solidly FEEL yourself as this person you will become, leaving no doubt in your mind or in your energy. You literally bring your Future Self into your "now," which is a powerful way of programming what's to come.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • understand what it is you REALLY want (not what you THINK you want) as the Future You shows you what it wants to become
  • really grab the feeling and emotional intensity of what you WILL BE LIKE
  • feel the ease with which any problems resolve themselves as you "look back on" how easily things fixed themselves


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: Beyond Fear, 23 minutes

Track 2: Going Big, 16 minutes

Track 3: My Future Self, 21 minutes