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Rich, Secure & Debt-Free Playlist

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Clear away debt as you manifest wealth through the very best opportunities for creating money and freeing yourself from the past. Become rich, secure, and debt-free with the help of Flow.

This career and money focused playlist has three tracks to help you attract abundance.

1. More Money Monthly

“More Money Monthly” is a targeted Flowdream to help you feel what it's like to have more income and stability enter your life every single month. Immerse yourself in the feeling of having your income steadily climb. It's a GREAT feeling and one worth cultivating over and over in your Flow. What you focus on and feel ... you create as a living template in your Flow to manifest wealth. 

Imagine the sensation of increasing bounty, security, and prosperity. You'll let this feeling settle through you, comfortable and real. You’ll become a person whose income is steadily increasing, then adjusting, and increasing some more. You are on an upswing. Too many of us get caught in feeling that income can just "slip away so quickly" or that increases in our financial lives are tough to come by. Reprogram yourself to feel that, instead, money is a friend and ally. It finds ways to be with you. You deserve this money. You're smart, capable, and talented, and your income should be and IS climbing. It's not hard. It's not pie-in-the-sky.

Clients, opportunities, and careers are ALREADY WAITING for you — waiting for you to start tracking toward them. This Flowdream creates the template where you step into money and into a life where money worries are no longer relevant — you step into a place where millions of other people already are ... on the "more money monthly" flow of energy that attracts abundance.

Use this Flowdream if you:

  • Want to feel your income increase in a stable, consistent way
  • Want to manifest wealth and attract abundance
  • Want to open yourself to allowing in new, unexpected sources of income
  • Want to create a steady, gradual upswing in your finances, instead of having "highs and lows" or waiting for windfalls 

2. Totally Debt-Free 

Are you feeling pressured by a wall of debt? Do you wonder how you'll ever pay it off and despair that you can’t? Are you unsure of your options and hoping for a miracle? This Flowdream works from the inside out, helping you refocus these despairing thoughts into a strong, confident understanding that your debt is decreasing and that new ways to release it will appear to you.

You'll feel what it's like to be debt-free and feel happy surprise, pleasure, and pride at how you managed to eliminate your debt. You'll direct your Flow to find new avenues of income while at the same time attracting abundance with the right resources for debt-relief, so your debt shrinks away and you move into positive income again.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • Reverse the direction of money energy to go from negative to positive, so money starts coming in rather than pouring out
  • Bring in the most helpful resources and wise advisers to help you fill yourself with a feeling of what it will be like to start fresh, with no burden on you
  • Let your Flow find you the very best method or opportunities for paying, reducing, or forgiving your debt

 3. Manifest Wealth And Abundance 

Are you ready to forge a new relationship with money? To have multiple, secure streams of income and feel as though you finally ALWAYS have enough? Re-pattern your energetic blueprints around you so money and prosperity flow into your life. Unlike other styles of manifesting wealth, Flowdreaming is a simple, real technique that you can begin doing right away, without having to learn lengthy meditation techniques.

In fact, Flowdreaming is NOT meditation at all, making it a perfect resource for people with active, creative minds and busy lives. This mp3 Flowdream is packed with daydream-like visualizations, vibrantly yet soothingly spoken, in which you are prompted to see, hear, and most importantly FEEL your Divine wealth within the powerful, magic-like state of Flow.  

Use this Flowdream to: 

  • Draw money to you through multiple, perfect sources
  • Become a radiant "attracting" beacon for wealth
  • Become financially secure
  • Call your Flow, the Universe, God, or Source (whatever term you use is fine!) to steer you into the best possible financial circumstances for you and your family
  • Manifest wealth in income streams that are constant and lucrative
  • Let go of expectations, fears, or worries about "where" the money will come from

"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"


Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: More Money Monthly, 13 minutes

Track 2: Totally Debt-Free, 10 minutes

Track 3: Wealth And Abundance, 16 minutes


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