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A Law of Attraction Book Unlike Any Other

Flowdreaming broke new ground in 2005 by offering a technique that fuses emotion, daydreaming, and Flow state into one, powerful new technique to help you manifest anything you want. Explore our best manifestation books to discover techniques that are simple, yet oh-so-powerful, in quick reads that will have you co-creating your life in no time at all.

No more relying on “Law of Attraction” books to give you what you want. Instead, use Flowdreaming’s collection of intuitive books and guided audio to help you learn to attune your entire self to the emotional-energetic blueprints of what you desire. Our techniques, lessons, and manifesting program vastly surpass and simplify the Law of Attraction into a daily, doable technique.

Flowdreaming stands as one of the best manifestation books of all time and is an essential part of any self-help library.

Flowdreaming Answers Questions Like… 

  • I'm thinking good thoughts and practicing the Law of Attraction. Why isn't it working?

  • How do I know if I'm manifesting what's best for me or if it's part of the divine plan?

  • What am I doing wrong? Because I've tried this all before and it didn't work.

  • I’ve read a lot of Law of Attraction books. How is Flowdreaming different?

  • I know it works, but when will the things I’m manifesting come to me?

  • I’ve had success but never in one certain area. Why can’t I change things for myself?

Stop asking the same questions and change your life forever! Download our guided meditation audio or your copy of our Flowdreaming or Creative Flowdreaming books today and revolutionize the way you think.

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Summer McStravick, author of Flowdreaming and Creative Flowdreaming.