Beautiful As I Am (Total Self-Acceptance) 280 px

Beautiful As I Am (Total Self-Acceptance)

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Get into that strong, empowered place in yourself where you feel at the top of your game. It's the feeling you get the day you get a raise at work, happen to be wearing your best outfit, your hair is amazing ... and all your friends think you are so amazing. Imagine being able to experience that heady feeling about yourself whenever you want ... instead of waiting for that perfect, random and rare day.

Radiate a sense of being desirable, attractive, and totally comfortable with yourself. Experience a sense of confidence and power wherever you go, whatever you do. Feel total self-acceptance about your body or appearance. Use this Flowdream in so many situations ... from getting ready for a date to shoring up your self-confidence before walking into work! Note that this Flowdream alternates wording between "beautiful" and "attractive" and "handsome." So men, think of your "inner beauty" ... and ladies, you can just as easily feel "handsome." This Flowdream is for everyone!


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

17 minutes

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