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No More Negativity: Feel Safety, Sunshine, and Ease Playlist

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Tired of negative people and draining situations? Use this playlist to manifest peaceful, stress-free relationships and resolve all kinds of obstacles and frustrations.

This playlist includes the following three tracks:

1. Remove Obstacles and Resolve Irresolvable Situations 

Go deep into Flow before bouncing up in to the high, moving energies as your Flow scoops up whatever obstacle or intractable situation is facing you and finds a perfect means to resolve or overcome it. You'll feel the depth of change stirring in your life as you listen to these powerfully healing words. Situations that you have cried over, felt trapped in, or which you've felt "would never change" can all benefit from this powerful Flowdream.

This is one of the more brisk and emotional Flowdreams, necessary for removing stale, stuck, restrictive energy and replacing it with positive, healing, break-through energy. You'll feel your Flow eagerly take on your situation and dissolve it, finding solutions that will amaze everyone involved. 

Use this Flowdream if you:

  • are feeling stuck or trapped in a situation
  • you can't find a solution or want Flow to offer you new options and choices over what's presently on the table
  • want to encounter of shower of "yes's" (instead of no's) and unblock situations that are stuck or restrictive
  • want to feel your situation resolve almost by itself, with unexpectedly good changes happening to you and everyone involved
  • desire that everyone involved walks away happy and content with how things turned out

2. Repel Negativity & Create Protection 

If you feel burdened by the negativity and worry of the people around you, or feel held down by repressive, negative situations in your life, then use this Flowdream to change your energy state and break yourself free, and return to your natural, positive flowing state. 

Sometimes our family, workplaces, school, friends, or other people or places can be full of the heavy negative energies of worry, fear, envy, pessimism, and other unhappy states. When we interact with these people or places, we can take on these feelings, leaving us depressed, upset, moody, and unhappy for no good reason. 

Those of us who are especially empathic or sensitive are the most affected by negative energies around us, and we need to continually keep ourselves cleaned and free of the leftover energy burdens of others. If you've been feeling bitter, moody, unsatisfied, upset, impatient, or pessimistic, then you will benefit from this mp3.

This Flowdream allows you to see and recognize which people and places might be loading on negative energy in your life, and helps you clear it out of your Flow. in addition, any other negativity you might have picked up elsewhere is also washed away. 

Not only does it wash away current backlogs of negativity, but it repositions you so that the people and situations causing the negativity are washed out and away from your life. This Flowdream uses Flow energy to disperse negativity back into the Flow, and creates a shield of protection around you. It also calls on (according to your own beliefs) God, Source, angels, your Greater Self, and/or all the energies of Flow to lift you out and away from any negativity in your life.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • get out from under depression or pessimism 
  • be released from fears and troubling nightmares
  • repel negativity from non-physical sources
  • create a shield of protection around you
  • release and replace the negativity around you with positive, flowing energy, and feel how the people and places causing the negativity gradually dissolve out of your life

3. Safe, Secure and Protected 

Feel safe, secure, and protected in everything you do, think, and are. Be surrounded by people, places, and situations that cannot harm or hurt you, and whose negatively isn't aligned to your life. If you think "safety and security" has to do with simply personal safety or being in safe surroundings, you're thinking of only the most base-level security. Feeling insecure is one of the top reasons why people fail to flow or make positive change.

The security in THIS Flowdream is deep-seated, and will help give you the courage you need elsewhere in your life. This Flowdream is designed to help you clearly and wholly feel an enormous sense of safety and well-being. By playing it and feeling it, you'll begin to contrast this feeling with in other areas of your life that don't feel safe and secure, helping you see where in your life you carry your blocks and restrictions. You'll be able to look at things around you and say, "Hey that doesn't feel right. I just noticed that I don't feel safe here expressing myself." Or, "I don't align to this place's negativity." Or, "I feel no security or protection in my career, like any day I could find myself our to work or out of clients."

Another way of putting it is that by using this Flowdream, you'll now be able to recognize those areas where you feel unsafe, insecure, or uncared for (unguided, unloved, unprotected), and replace those feelings with a new template. 

Use this Flowdream to:

  • create security around you, whether physical security in the form of a good home, financial security in the form of stable great work, or emotional security by only allowing good, supportive people into your life
  • create protection around you, so you feel as if "getting of track" is never a scary potential. Instead, you're constantly Divinely guided and sheltered from all harm create safety all through your life, so you never find yourself in unsafe places or with unsafe people, or in situations where other people might be taken advantage of you


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Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: Remove Obstacles and Resolve Irresolvable Situations, 13 minutes

Track 2: Repel Negativity and Create Protection, 10 minutes

Track 3: Safe, Secure, and Protected, 15 minutes

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