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What will you be like in one year? How about in five? How will you have changed, and how will you feel? Will you be healthy? In love? Content? Happy in your work? This Flowdream helps you identify exactly how you want to be and feel ... the Future You.

You'll get a full body, mind, and spirit RUSH as you project yourself, in your Flow, into this person you're becoming. And of course, this future-you has a life that's smooth, frictionless, and wonderful! You have all that you need. You're satisfied in every way. And you feel and look great!  You'll program in all good things for your future, then you can experience it in this Flowdream over and over.

You'll program in how anything that's out of alignment or feels bad or difficult has been fixed in your future. You'll program in the wealth, good health, or love or inner fulfillment you crave ... and much more. But, the BEST part of this particular Flowdream is how you completely and solidly FEEL yourself as this person you will become, leaving no doubt in your mind or in your energy. You literally bring your Future Self into your "now," which is a powerful way of programming what's to come.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • understand what it is you REALLY want (not what you THINK you want) as the Future You shows you what it wants to become
  • really grab the feeling and emotional intensity of what you WILL BE LIKE
  • feel the ease with which any problems resolve themselves as you "look back on" how easily things fixed themselves


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
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21 minutes

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