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Lose 10 pounds or 50! Finally, you have a way to not just lose it, but KEEP the weight off. The Flowdreaming Weight Loss Support System Playlist is designed to uncover and eradicate every bit of resistance in your body to staying slim. In only two weeks, your body becomes your friend, not your enemy. Your body eats, exercises, and does exactly what it needs to stay fit.

Once you work through the powerful book and Flowdreams in this playlist, you'll finally understand why you previously rebounded again and again to some seemingly random set-point of weight. No more! Lose it for good, and LOVE the process. This playlist has been a critical piece of dieters' weight-loss programs around the world. Willpower alone won't do it — you need your energetic-emotional matrix on board as well. This is the reason you rebound. No more!

This program contains a 96-page book to walk you day by day through the process, and 10 incredible Flowdream audios (160 minutes) to psyche you up and keep you motivated. At the same time, they rework your emotional-energy body to accept loads of positive new information about itself and allow the weight to shed away. Hundreds of people have discovered that when nothing else works, THIS program does. See why.

This set contains:

1. Flowdreaming Weight-loss Support System Downloadable PDF book and 7-Audios Set

The core of the program, this set leads you through a pleasurable two-week process of losing weight. With simple daily “daydream-like” exercises, you’ll feel excited, motivated, and years lighter as you shed weight and regain your health. You’ll actually remake the “energy template” that forms your body (from the quantum state outward) as you allow a “new you” to emerge in your thoughts and feelings.  

The Flowdreaming Weight-Loss Support System gives you both emotional and energetic support by allowing you to feel beautiful or handsome again just as you are, while at the same time helping your body return to the weight that fits it best. Each day, you’ll feel lighter, freer, and healthier than the day before. Past participants have seen their extra weight slide off even as their healthy appetite for life reawakens, often for the first time in years. The book is packed with testimonials, tips, and insights from people who've used the program, from around the world. Note that this program does not contain dieting or exercise information. Instead, it takes you to the source of your weight gain (your emotional energetic template) so you can totally recalibrate yourself to lose weight.

Through highly pleasurable audio Flowdreaming exercises and short daily lessons, you'll finally start to win the battle over those extra pounds. The program contains a 96-page PDF book and 114 minutes of audio files.   

2. My Ideal Body

A Flowdream to show your body exactly how it can look and feel, now. Use this Flowdream as a precise guide for your body to show it how you'd love for it to look and feel. Too often we nag, plead, and curse at our body as we try to "get it in shape." Let's try a different, more effective method: share your positive, Flow-charged feelings with your body about how you want it to make you look and feel about yourself. Just as you can use Flow to heal internally, you can use Flow to reshape externally. In this Flowdream, you create a blueprint that's based on FEELINGS you want to have about your body, then you unleash your cells to start moving toward that blueprint.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • create positive reinforcement to lose weight while dieting or starting an exercise program
  • reverse the negativity and sense of powerlessness over your weight and appearance that you've bombarded your body with in the past
  • allow new positive feelings to arise about parts of your body that you've always "hated" 
  • offer your body positive alternatives for how certain parts of it appear or feel

3. Beautiful As I Am

A Flowdream that causes other people to notice how amazing you're looking, because every day is an "on" day for you now. Everything fits, your hair is perfect, your skin is looking supple and smooth. You feel really REALLY good about yourself. Imagine being able to call up a day like at will. Now, you can. “Beautiful As I Am” gets you into that strong, empowered place in yourself that often happens only randomly. It's that feeling you get the day you get a raise at work, happen to be wearing your best outfit, your hair is amazing ... and all your friends think you are so cool. Now, imagine being able to experience that heady feeling about yourself whenever you want ... instead of waiting for that perfect day.

Radiate a sense of being desirable, attractive, and totally comfortable with yourself. This gives you a sense of confidence and power wherever you go, whatever you do. You have total self-acceptance. It's a Flowdream you can use in so many situations ... from getting ready for a date to shoring up your self-confidence before walking into work! It's also perfect to use while on a diet or exercise program, because you're loading up your energy self with strong, beautiful feels of self-acceptance and gratitude for your body.   

4. Action, Action!

A Flowdream that creates tremendous energy in you to get things done, lose that weight, and tackle anything in your life that's been lagging. Action Action! is your “go-to” Flowdream when you feel mightily stuck. And my goodness, how our weight feels stuck! Flow will help you — it wants to help you — but sometimes it just needs new materials to work with. “Action Action!” will break you out of any tendency to hang back and wait … for a better time, for a better month, for more clear direction, for someone else to say it’s ok … or anything else you habitually use a rationale for not moving toward what you want. You'll use this Flowdream to get you psyched and moving as you drop pounds day after day. Many people say this Flowdream is one of their favorites, and most fast-acting.


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations" 


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Type PDF Book + mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

This set includes:

Book and audios: Flowdreaming Weight-loss Support System Downloadable PDF book and 7-Audios Set. 96-page PDF book and 114 minutes of audio files 

Track 1: My Ideal Body, 16 minutes

Track 2: Beautiful As I Am, 17 minutes

Track 2: Action, Action!, 13 minutes

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