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    Lose Weight Now! Playlist

    Lose 10 pounds or 50 and keep it off! The Flowdreaming Weight Loss Support System Playlist is designed to uncover and eradicate every bit of resistance in your body to staying slim. In only two weeks, your body becomes your friend, not your enemy.
  • Heal My Body (Feel Better Now) Playlist 280 px

    Heal My Body (Feel Better Now) Playlist

    Release stress and sickness, and feel better now! Three tracks to help you resolve any health issue, from small things like colds and allergies to larger health concerns that require ongoing, deep physical healing. Find immediate relief from the inside out by alternating between these Flowdreams to target any ailment that is troubling you!
  • Sleep Like A Baby Playlist 280 px

    Sleep Like A Baby Playlist

    Fall asleep to strong, supportive messages about what you want and desire, knowing that your body and mind are being filled with powerful, pure feelings about yourself and your future. 

  • CD-Cover-Immediate-relief-from-Depression-or-Anxiety-Playlist-280.gif

    Immediate Relief from Depression or Anxiety Playlist

    Snap yourself out of immobilizing anxiety or depression. Whether your stress stems from relationship problems, money troubles, health worries, family issues, or anything else, the soothing words and intense emotion present in the three tracks in this playlist work to STOP and even reverse your paralyzing fears, helping you regain control of your mind and feelings. 


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