• Instant Alignment 800280px

    Instant Alignment

    Get yourself instantly into alignment with this 5-minute Flowdream. Listen anytime you need a powerful boost of intense alignment with your goals and future.
  • Effortlessly Release Clutter 280 px

    Effortlessly Release Clutter and Organize Your Home and Life

    If you’ve let “stuff” pile up around you over the years, this Flowdream is for you. Clear out and clean up, and experience remarkable healing and make room for new, better things more suited to who you are today.
  • Find A Perfect New Home and Make An Easy Move 800 px

    Find A Perfect New Home and Make An Easy Move

    Find your perfect home and have an easy move with this Flowdream. Feel your new home as if you’re already in it, how it meets all of your needs and how grateful you are that it came to you so easily!
  • CD-Cover-Mercury-Retrograde-Antidote-280px.gif

    Mercury Retrograde Antidote

    This Flowdream was created as an antidote to Mercury going into retrograde, but can be used to de-align you from ANY energy that is disrupting your life! Whether it’s stalled projects, miscommunication, or your plans falling off track, this 11-minute Flowdream will help you keep everything easy, on track and on time. 
  • Ultimate Healer (for Healers, Intuitives, and Coaches) 280

    Ultimate Healer (for Healers, Intuitives, and Coaches)

    This Flowdream is specifically designed to help life coaches, healer, psychics and anyone who guides or heals others. Learn to rely on your intuition, step out of your own way, and feel more connected to your clients.
  • World Peace 280

    World Peace

    If you suffer with worry and anxiety over the state of the world and every latest natural disaster, disease, or war, then you can now DO SOMETHING about it! Flow that everyone affected is being cared for and nourished. Flow to close the negative energy in the area and replenish it with peaceful, gentle, loving flow. 


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