Remove Obstacles and Resolve Irresolvable Situations 275

Remove Obstacles and Resolve Irresolvable Situations

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Go deep into the Flow before bouncing up in to the high, moving energies as your Flow scoops up whatever obstacle or intractable situation is facing you and finds a perfect means to resolve or overcome it. You'll feel the depth of change stirring in your life as you listen to these powerfully healing words.

Situations that you have cried over, felt trapped in, or which you've felt "would never change" — can all benefit from this powerful Flowdream. This is one of the more brisk and emotional Flowdreams, necessary for removing stale, stuck, restrictive energy and replacing it with positive, healing, break-through energy. You'll feel your Flow eagerly take on your situation and dissolve it, finding solutions that will amaze everyone involved. 

Use this Flowdream if you:

  • are feeling stuck or trapped in a situation you can't find a solution for
  • want Flow to offer you new options and choices over what's presently on the table
  • want to encounter of shower of "yes's" (instead of no's) and unblock situations that are stuck or restrictive
  • want to feel your situation resolve almost by itself, with unexpectedly good changes happening to you and everyone involved
  • desire that everyone involved walks away happy and content with how things turned out


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

13 minutes

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