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Program in ease and fortune, and avoid trouble, every single day. What if problems never caught you ... and in fact, your life seemed to naturally deflect problems before they ever came up? This playlist cultivates a massive energy of easy, straightforward, upward growth. Allowing in constant problems and complications is a CHOICE. This playlist programs in your intention to live otherwise.

This playlist contains the following two tracks:

1. My Trouble-Free Life

Ready for some smooth, easy sailing? This Flowdream shatters your belief that life has to be hard, complicated, or filled with people and situations that plague you with grief or drama. It's the ulitmate "get rid of those icky things/people/places!" Flowdream! Instead, you'll attune yourself to the idea that trouble no longer finds you and backbreaking hard work ISN'T required to get ahead. What's more, you DON'T have to accept every difficult person or situation that shows up on your doorstep. In fact ... you can become invisible to them. You'll "un-align" yourself to any person or situation that would otherwise cause you upset, anger, fear, or trouble of any kind.

Sound too good to be true? Consider that every person or situation carries an energy or "frequency" within them or it. You can match or align to that energy, or you can embody a whole different vibe — such as one that expects and attracts only helpful, beneficial people and circumstances. This Flowdream helps you remake your vibe so you can deflect trouble before it ever finds you, and shed any trouble you currently have.

The Flowdream is particularly helpful for:

  • confidently extracting yourself from lawsuits, or for coming out the victor
  • removing gossips and untruthful people from your personal life or workplace
  • helping troublemakers immediately lose interest in your or your family
  • deflecting problem people or situations from even reaching you in the first place
  • course-correcting ex-partners or spouses who aim to make you miserable
  • creating smooth, easy paths in whatever you undertake
  • stabilizing your life and building flawless, ideal conditions around things you want or are creating  

2. Everything Is Easy

What would your life be like if you'd programmed your life's "default setting" to pure ease? If you committed to learning from success, not hardship? If you allowed your life to Flow and move you into everything with grace, curiosity, and gratitude? If you simply took the "It's hard!" off everything?! Imagine that anything that happens can happen with ease or difficulty. Many of us got stuck on the thought that we only learn through pain, and we expect much of our life to present us with constant challenges. We say things like, "I hope it'll work out." "I don't expect much." "It's going to be rough."

Is that really what you want to manifest? Instead, try learning, growing, and achieving through increasing your success, confidence, relationships, and material surroundings. You can learn through EASE. You just have to be taught how. This Flowdream helps you feel how smoothly and quickly you accomplish things, and how you easily receive anything you're after.

It's especially good for:

  • kicking off new projects so they develop smoothly and well (getting the right energy from the start!)
  • untangling current difficult situations so they simply "solve themselves"
  • cultivating a new baseline for your life, where most things that happen are in flow, in alignment, and on purpose!
  • reconditioning your emotions to expect that things will happen to make your life MORE filled with ease and love, and erase the years of "stuggle-and-lack-thinking" you may have ended up with.
  • ANY situation or future desire that you know needs to happen with easy, grace, and abundance


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: My Trouble-Free Life, 12 minutes

Track 2: Everything is Easy, 17 minutes

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