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Financial Abundance: A Flowdream Meditation

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Soak yourself in riches as you fall asleep. This hybrid Flowdream Meditation allows you to either meditate or fall gently asleep to feelings of the open generosity of the Universe, and helps you expand your access to the unending streams of income that constantly and already swirl around you.

The focus is on creating and maintaining a feeling that you've reached, and surpassed, your income goals. This meditation is extra long (30 minutes) and is meant to settle deep into your meditating or sleeping mind.

Financial Abundance means: you don't engage in scarcity thinking anymore. Instead you're always thinking about what you're doing with your surplus of money, not what you're doing with your money "if and when you get it." You've met the basic baseline for how much income and security you need in your life. You're now able to move in to new areas of growth. That money and income always flow to you, from many good sources, and you never feel scared that any will dry up and go away — in fact, more and more streams of income open for you every day!

Use this Flowdream Meditation to:

  • feel your connection to income expand and grow, so the energy of money can flow to you easily
  • allow new sources of income to show up in your life
  • recognize and adjust your current relationship to abundance by doing active energy adjustments in your meditation remove and replace old subconscious programming that have led you into poverty-thinking or lack
  • program your sleep cycle with potent, life-altering statements about how how can be and deserve to be materially secure and prosperous

Recommendation: Pair this mp3 with the "Overnight Riches Flowdream Meditation" and alternate listening to each, to keep your attention fresh even as you continuously soak your mind with new feelings and understandings about money.


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
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32 minutes

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