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For the first time in four years, Venus and Summer are teaching together! ``Born Empath`` is a 5-part LIVE online course. Here are a few samples of what you'll learn:

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    How to Do Head Scrapings to Clear Your Head of Bad Thinking and Old Thoughts
  • null
    How to Read and Communicate with Animals, Trees, Houseplants and All Living Things
  • null
    How to Get The Dead (and the Living) Creative People to Help You with Your Basic Talents of All Kinds
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    How to Find and Talk to the Dead
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    How to Do the Ring of Fire Mojo to Protect Yourself and Others
  • null
    How to Change Your Past to Affect Your “Now” and Your Future
  • null
    How to Quickly Tell a Good Reader from a Bad Reader
  • null
    How to Talk to Your Body to Help Understand and Resolve Any Health Issue
  • null
    How to Influence People and Events In Your Life For The Good
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    How to Work With Energy By Tossing Good Mojo Energy for You and Others for Good Health, Money, Love, and Happiness
  • null
    How to Nicely and Quickly Get Rid of Troublesome People with the Mirror Technique
  • null
    How to use Flow to Scan All the Energies of the Universe to Find the Information You Need
  • null
    How to Use Light Hypnotherapy to Help Yourself, Other People and All Living Beings
  • null
    How to Let Go of Any Fear or Worry About Your Empathic Abilities — You’re Always in God’s Hands!
  • null
    How to Be Empowered and Know What You Need to Know About Your Love Life
  • null
    How to See Your Own Potential Futures So You Can Shift into the Right, Best Direction Now
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    How to Read Minds and Know How Other People Are Feeling (and What They’re Thinking About You or Anyone Else)

Venus and Summer end each Born Empath Course with a BONUS CLASS filled with readings. Some students will get to ask any question and receive a good mojo, Flow readings, and insights into whatever they need—whatever we can fit into 60 minutes.!

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Email us or call us at US 1-760-487-8879 x 0 and we’ll get you set up for class. Talk to you soon!

You're a Born Empath If...

  • Sometimes you feel really strong and powerful—like there’s a deep well of some energy inside you. If only you could tap it at will!

  • Get really confused sometimes, especially when you’re arguing with someone. It’s like what they’re saying and what you’re feeling about them don’t match somehow.
  • You feel like you have no “boundaries” and always feel under pressure to do what other people need or expect from you, even if you don’t want to or it makes you frustrated or put-upon.

  • You’re really affected when you see animals, children, or the helpless be injured, sick, or mistreated. It’s almost like it’s happening to you!
  • You often know when you’re on someone’s mind, or when they’ll call or text you.
  • Your feelings overwhelm you and people accuse you of being “too emotional.” Maybe you’ve even learned to turn off your feelings because of that.
  • You can’t go certain places where there’s lots of people because you come home from them feeling irritable, foggy, scattered, or super tired.
  • When you’re around certain people, you start to feel and act like them, and you don’t know why!
  • It’s hard for you to stay focused when you’re worrying about someone. You can’t get their thoughts and what you think they’re feeling out of your own mind. You imagine everything they must be thinking or feeling.
  • You used to feel a lot, but now you have this emotional “dead zone” inside, where you just don’t feel anything anymore.
  • You often pick up feelings about a person or situation, but then you second-guess yourself. You feel like you’re making it up.

If you answered a ton of yes's, then are you ready to finally own and expand your empathic skills?


What’s a “Born Empath?”

Many of us are natural empaths. We feel what other people are thinking and feeling, even though we often don’t trust that we really are. We’ve been brought up to believe that our emotions are something we need to control, so they don’t control us. We need to keep them bottled up, or mistrust them. And they certainly can’t guide us or help us!

We’ve been taught wrong. Well meaning as everyone is, they just don’t realize that our emotions are powerful tools. Think of your five senses, then add “emotional awareness” as your sixth. Some of us are so receptive to this sense, to our “emotional antennae” that we don’t even know we are absorbing tons of information through this sense. We’re like sponges constantly absorbing all the emotions coursing through the people around us—their worries, fears, anger, hopes, deceits, love—and we think these are our own feelings, instead of realizing that we’re unintentionally “reading” everyone—and thinking their feelings are our own.

Empath training will make you become aware of your emotional intuition and help you finally open to this gift in yourself. You’ll no longer be afraid of your emotions, and you’ll learn how much intuitive information is constantly flowing into you. It’s a whole different kind of “psychic.” You don’t have to hear anything, or see visions or wait for information to come in—you just feel things instead. You just know things.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The Born Empath program is split into three 5-week chunks.

Sign up for just one course, or sign up for all three!

Each course is co-taught by mother-daughter team Venus Andrecht and Summer McStravick. Each week, Venus and Summer will introduce new techniques, skills, and practices that will unfold your natural talents and show you how to use them. Each class is 60-75 minutes long, and will contain in-class practice rounds and Q&A. If you miss a live class, you can listen on-demand for up to 1 year. Plus, we cap off each course with a BONUS class where Venus and Summer read and answer questions about your lives for the full hour.

Come learn how to use an amazing variety of intuitive skills, and learn techniques you’ll find nowhere else (because they’ve been developed and handed down generations in Venus and Summer’s family!).

Come for a beautiful ride to open, own and expand your inner power and sixth sight.

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Email us or call us at US 1-760-487-8879 x 0 and we’ll get you set up for class. Talk to you soon!

MAY 22 – JUNE 19, 2019


4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time

5:30 MST / 6:30 CST / 7:30 EST

11:30 AM AEDT / 12:30 AM GMT

Click to what time the class is in your part of the world. 

Online via zoom video. All classes are recorded for viewing for up to 1 year.

$399 US

per each 5-week course


MARCH 6 – APRIL 3, 2019

COST: $399

Each 5-week course will give you a different set of empathic tools. Registration for Course 1 is now open!

Learn how to tell the difference between your own thoughts and those of others. Discover where and how other people’s energies enter your own, and how to recognize it. You’ll see why certain people “rub you wrong” and others drain you. You’ll also see why some light you up! Then Venus shows you how to enter The Quiet Place where you can see into everything and everyone. Finally, Summer takes you in her version — Flow — where you access all the information in the cosmos.

The #1 question we get is, “How do I know if I’m really sensing stuff? How do I know if I’m right?” Learn how to get out of your own way, clear your filter, and receive true, trustable answers. Let’s put to rest any fears that you’re “making it all up.”

Summer and Venus offer different ways of feeling/finding people and reading into them. You’ll learn how to find a single person in all the world (or worlds!) and begin intuitive interaction with them.

Feel how you want to feel, no matter what icky emotional garbage might be swirling around you in your home or workplace. You’ll learn how to instantly life your mood, block bad energy, and stop absorbing so much extra psychic garbage!

Learn a powerful technique to clear away bad energy and repel negativity. Is there someone you wish would leave you alone? Discover how to be emotionally “invisible” and have people forget all about you!

Venus and Summer will look into you and your situations in this all Q&A bonus class. Get world-class readings and insight into whatever is going on in your life.


APRIL 17 – MAY 15, 2019

COST: $399

Registration for Course 2 opens in April.

Get help and inspiration from family, friends, and talented people who lived before your time. Not only can reach across time and space to communicate with people you’ve known, but you can also access the energies of people you admire, who’s influence (in business, art, literature or anything!) can come to your aid.

Curious why that house has dark energy? Wonder how to change an energy in your home or workplace? Learn how places hold energy and how that energy can be dispersed or changed. Brighten up your house, work, or anywhere. Plus, get insights into what’s really going on in certain places.

Learn how to recognize psychic frauds and bullsh*t.  We take on karma, devils, and other dark ideas that get in the way of your talent. Let’s clear these fears so you can walk in light and grace with your beautiful talent. Also, learn to help people you love by throwing rings of protection around them, putting positive opportunities in front of them, and surrounding them with good energy. Protect people, lost or hurt animals, and even homes.

Drawing on Flow philosophy, learn how to construct a parallel past and how this can dramatically change your present. Change your past…and you change YOU!

Venus takes on physical energies and helps you learn what a head-scraping is, how it’s done, and you might even get one yourself in class! Summer adds her knowledge of how to immediately shift emotional frequencies to clean out head fog, anxiety, and lack-thinking.

Venus and Summer will look into you and your situations in this all Q&A bonus class. Get world-class readings and insight into whatever is going on in your life.


MAY 22 – JUNE 19, 2019

COST: $399

Registration for Course 3 opens in May.

Learn how to set up a room of people to instantly like you and feel at ease. Discover a trick to use during job interviews, speaking engagements, sales calls and more. Plus, learn how to bring in a circle of like-minded souls and new friends!

Read your pets and plants! We practice feeling into our furry, scaly, and feathery friends as well as into the plants, trees and gardens in our lives. Discover why a tree doesn’t look happy, or why your dog is barking so much! Enjoy insights that will help you be a better caretaker to the creatures around you.

Seeing the future is a special skill, and some of you have it! Summer offers several techniques to help you feel forward into time and see what your future may bring. Then, Venus leads you into the work of premonitions and visions. What are they? When do they occur? Can you have them at will? Let’s look at what they mean and how they can help you make better choices in life.

Hear what your body has to say to you about weight, illness, infertility, or anything else that you’re unclear on. Learn techniques to hear your body, talk to it, and understand what it’s been trying to tell you.

Venus ends our series with a BAM BAM BAM!! She’ll teach you to throw mojos and use energy to make fast, big changes in people and situations.

Venus and Summer will look into you and your situations in this all Q&A bonus class. Get world-class readings and insight into whatever is going on in your life.


Our first course starts on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Classes run for 60-75 minutes.

Enroll by using the Enrollment button on this page to pay for the course. The fee for each 5-week course is $399 U.S. per course. We’re sorry, but we don’t have a way to split the bill, so you must pay for the course in it’s entirety.

Each week, you’ll jump on a Zoom video class with us. Summer and Venus will split the hour and give you new techniques to practice as well as both practical knowledge about your empathic abilities. In addition, some weeks may have downloadable PDFs for note taking and to explain the techniques. Your classes are all recorded so you can listen to them on-demand for up to a year. (Classes are not downloadable.)

Our classes are quite intimate. You’ll be on Zoom video calls with, generally, 10-20 other students. If you don’t want to be on video, no problem. You can be a “fly on the wall” and listen in on the phone. It’s totally up to you—whatever your comfort zone is. Because our class size is small, you’ll be able to ask Summer and Venus questions so they can help you understand your gifts.

Yes, 100%. We teach people from all over the world. Most timezones work with our class time, although those of you in Europe will be up late!

Altogether, we’ve taught students from:

  • Ireland
  • U.K.
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Japan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Dubai
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • and more

We do everything we can to make sure you have a pleasurable, successful experience. However, we don’t give refunds once the class has started. Until the first day of class, we’ll happily refund your money if you have to withdraw for any reason.

venus and Summer 2015

Meet Summer and Venus

This mother – daughter powerhouse have been practicing empathic intuition for decades. Fun fact: Summer and Venus come from a long line of talented empaths and intuitives. They are the firstborn, oldest daughter for five generations running. Something potent is being passed down! Summer’s daughter is now the sixth firstborn oldest daughter. This pretty remarkable tradition continues!

Venus Andrecht is a Clarifying Counselor/Medium/Telepath and she works with all the “Clairs.” She also has and works with unusual and intense energies that people can often feel, and is known for her unique talent of throwing good energy “mojos” that create powerful effects.  People often say these energies have changed their lives. Venus also counsels hundreds of people using her empathic skills. She always tells the truth. Sometimes she could use a bit more tact, but this makes her fun and totally unique. She helps clarify and heal people’s relationships and life issues. She also read minds and speaks with the dead. 

Years back, she had a startling experience that changed her life. She met what she calls the “High Beings.” She believes what the Beings told her, which is that all lives are One life, as God experiencing Itself. She incorporates the Beings’ ideas and knowledge in all the work she does. Today, Venus has a long-running podcast called “Dear Venus,” and she’s written multiple books and produced dozens of audio “mojos.” You can get a reading from Venus here.Venus is also a Master Herbalist and was one of the top-ranked female network marketers in the nation.

Summer McStravick created Flowdreaming and M.E. School as ways to share a powerful technique and philosophy with the world. Being in Flow is being without any lack, and scarcity, and any resistance. And this state is both reachable and tremendously powerful. While in Flow, Summer extends her awareness to see, view, feel and sense all kinds of information that’s layered into the world 9and beyond). As a counterpoint to her mom, Summer grounds her practice in science and psychology and has written extensively on the power of quantum co-creation.

As a Hay House and Mind Valley published author, Summer has written both “Flowdreaming” and “Creative Flowdreaming,” and her collection of over 160 recorded Flowdreams and courses can be found on her website at She’s also been podcasting her ever-popular show, “Flowdreaming,” for 14 years. She’s also known for her extraordinary background as having been hand-selected to work inside Hay House for Louise Hay and Reid Tracy for a decade, where she had the opportunity to dream-up and build Hay House Radio to what it is today. There, she produced major online seminars, CDs, and radio programs for people like Esther and Jerry Hicks (with Abraham), Suze Orman, Dr. Christianne Northrup, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue and many other luminaries in the fields of self-help and spirituality.

At age 43, Summer was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and her journey deepened into one of intense healing and teaching. She remains free of breast cancer today.