Flowdreaming Podcast 604: Defending Your Limitations? I Think Not.

I have a limit of 3. You can defend your limitations three times, then my empathy ends.

¬†You need a call to action. You need to embrace possibility. I work like mad to see and defeat my own limitations, so let’s take a look at what limitations are, and how to beat them (with Flow, of course). Break through your own limitations with the Reclaim My Power and Speak My Truth Playlist at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

5:45 – Discover why we defend the things that hold us back and hold us down.

8:15 – Find out how Summer works with people to dig into their patterns behind their self-limitations.

10:45 – Learn how you can reject your old truth and create a new one for yourself.16:50 – Take a look at your limitations and change how you view them so that you can move through them.