• Flowdreaming for Children Playlist 280 px

    Flowdreaming for Children Playlist

    Help your children learn that life is abundant and the Universe supports them in all their dreams. Your child will learn how to attract what they want in life, and how to creative positive feelings inside themselves at will. Through entertaining fantasy imagery and exercises, they're introduced to techniques for successful manifesting.
  • Daily Flowdreaming: 11 Flowdreams in 11 Days 280

    Daily Flowdreaming: 11 Flowdreams in 11 Days

    By popular demand, Summer has finally created a daily series of Flowdreams that when played consistently, will help you develop an authentic, deeply connected sense of your Flow and then keep you there, no matter what life throws you that day. Over each of eleven days, you'll be guided by Summer's soothing yet emotive voice to explore an aspect of your Flow that will prime you for your day. Each daily Flowdream is at most ten minutes long--ten potent, powerful, highly emotive minutes that flood your manifesting energy deep into your Flow. 

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