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Wealth and Abundance

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Are you ready to forge a new relationship with money? To have multiple, secure streams of income, and feel as though you finally ALWAYS have enough? Re-pattern your energetic blueprints around you so money and prosperity flow into your life.

Unlike other styles of manifesting, Flowdreaming is a simple, real technique that you can begin doing right away, without having to learn lengthy meditation techniques. In fact, Flowdreaming is NOT meditation at all, making it a perfect resource for people with active, creative minds and busy lives.

This mp3 Flowdream is packed with daydream-like visualizations, vibrantly yet soothingly spoken, in which you are prompted to see, hear, and most importantly FEEL your Divine wealth within the powerful, magic-like state of Flow. 

Use this Flowdream to: 

  • draw money to you through multiple, perfect sources
  • become a radiant "attracting" beacon for wealth
  • become financially secure
  • call your Flow, the Universe, God, or Source (whatever term you use is fine!) to steer you into the best possible financial circumstances for you and your family
  • manifest income streams that are constant and lucrative
  • let go of expectations, fears, or worries about "where" the money will come from


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"


Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

16 minutes

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