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This is the ultimate playlist to help you learn how to get unstuck in life as well as in your relationship and job. These three Flowdreams will wake you up, answer your fears and doubts, give you direction, and move you into a place of sure action. This playlist contains the following three tracks:

1. Action, Action! 

Action Action! is your "go-to” Flowdream when you feel mightily stuck. This Flowdream will help you figure out how to get unstuck in life. It wants to help you, but sometimes it just needs new materials to work with. Often we get stuck in long periods of inaction and indecision because we're not sure of the best choice to make. This Flowdream helps you make choices, choose paths, and just get your feet moving toward your goals. 

You'll work with this self-healing meditation Flow to help put good decisions smack in the middle of your path and to deter you from bad choices before you make them. This Flowdream gives you the confidence to simply move ahead — even with incomplete information or fear that what you want isn't possible yet.

Action Action! will teach you how to get unstuck in life by breaking limiting beliefs and any tendency to fearfully hang back and wait — for a better time, for a better month, for more clear direction, for someone else to say it's ok — or anything else you habitually use as a rationale for not moving toward what you want.

Think of all those projects and ideas you've had. How many have simply been lingering for days, months, or years? What would've happened if you'd tried or tested most of them by now, and cut loose the bad ones and pursued the good ones to their fullest potential? What if you had learned how to get unstuck from relationships? From your job? Chances are you'd be pretty happy, surrounded by a lot of great people and situations by now. Pick up this Flowdream today to get the energy of RIGHT ACTION and FORWARD MOVEMENT going strong in your life. 

2. Crystal Clarity 

Imagine that the answer you need is in the palm of your hand. You have utter clarity and direction about anything you need to know. Whatever is in your life is totally transparent to you. You have the ANSWER you need. This Flowdream helps you get to the point where you can say with huge relief, "THIS is what's REALLY going on, and THIS is what I should DO about it."

Play Crystal Clarity whenever you need a true and precise answer about how to get unstuck in life. Shed all confusion, distraction, and indecisiveness. This Flowdream creates the conditions of vision and clarity around ANY past, current, or future situation, so you see and feel right into the heart of the matter and can, therefore, make the very best decisions. Whether you’re deciding how to get unstuck from relationships or some other aspect of your life, consider this Flowdream as better than visiting your own personal oracle.

3. Effortless Decisions  

Imagine how freeing it would feel to know that when facing a tough decision, that whatever you chose, you'd be guided and steered in the best possible direction. Imagine feeling that with the help of Flow, you'd naturally and instinctively pick the best path almost every time. Even when, and if, you didn't make the best choice, your Flow would steer you back into the right path swiftly and simply. In other words, you can't go wrong. What relief you'd feel!

It'd be so easy to make choices and take action if you knew how to always get unstuck in life. What immense trust you'd feel. How lucky you'd feel. Never again would you sit in a paralyzed agony of "not knowing what to do." No more doing nothing ... afraid to do anything. No more wondering how to get unstuck from relationships, or how to get unstuck from your job you dislike. No more self-doubt. Hear this: Effortless, guided decision-making is something you CAN actually feel, all the time. "Effortless Decisions" calls on Flow and the Art of Allowing to help you always make the best choices toward the outcomes your seeking.

You'll be led to "check in" with your Flow during the Flowdream, offer it the problem or decision to be made, and then move through a process in which the best choice will naturally appear before you. So simple, potent, and freeing. Think of this Flowdream as your ace-in-the-hole, and download it today! 


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Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: Action, Action!, 13 minutes

Track 2: Crystal Clarity, 25 minutes

Track 3: Effortless Decisions, 17 minutes


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