Learn to Love Yourself Again | Deep Love 30-Day Program

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This 30-Day Program rebuilds you from the inside out. You’ll begin reinventing yourself through a series of short, daily exercises called Flowdreams that will help you learn to love yourself again. You’ll develop a new relationship with yourself that will become the most important and loving relationship of your life.


How to Rediscover Yourself

This 11-piece program contains over 3 hours of audios that take you on a journey of total inner healing and love. The worksheets and Flowdreams are emotion-based audios that will guide you into the emotional and energetic reprogramming you’ve been looking for. And don’t worry — I teach you exactly how to Flowdream and how to use these audios, so you get everything you need from them.


I make the whole process super easy by providing you with a Quick Start guide to get you rolling in under 15 minutes and a simple Program Schedule to keep you on track. 


You'll Receive Over 3 Hours of Audios and Written Instruction:

1. Quickstart Guide (PDF) 

2. 30-Day Achievement Journal (PDF download) 

3. How to Flowdream Introductory Class (Recorded Audio)

4. Beautiful As I Am (Flowdream Audio) 

5. Dazzling Self Love (Flowdream Audio) 

6. Super Juicy Gratitude (Flowdream Audio)

7. Super Inner Yumminess (Flowdream Audio) 

8. Powerful Inner Healing and Release (Flowdream Audio)

9. Beautiful As I Am (90-minute Recorded Audio Class)

10. Deep Self Love Meditation

11. Emotional Detox Meditation


What a 30-Day Program Can Do for You:

Sometimes, a tiny investment yields an enormous reward. Learning to love yourself again is one of those times. There’s so much inside us that’s ready to go big. We want to unleash ourselves on the world and find purpose and fulfillment in everything we do. We want to show up with confidence, clarity, and worth everywhere we go.


How do you rediscover yourself and your power? What stops you? What makes that difficult? The answer: Our fears, doubts, and insecurities. The old hurts we still nurse, and the inner failings we strive to workaround. These things pull us down small and help us hide. To shine to the world, we have to shine inside, to ourselves, first.


What if you could just heal all that gunk inside that holds you in place or holds you back? What if you felt deep, strong, delicious love for yourself — the same exact unconditional, fully giving love you might already feel so easily for your child or parent? Now, you can. Learn to love yourself again with Flowdreaming.


What’s In The Program

1. Quickstart Guide (PDF): Get started in under 15 minutes by letting this guide walk you through the program. It answers all your questions and gives you great tips for getting the most from Deep Love.


2. 30-Day Achievement Journal (PDF download): Track your results and dive into the daily questions that take you even deeper.


3. How to Flowdream Introductory Class (Recorded Audio): Get started on your journey with this audio tutorial that teaches how to Flowdream.


4. Beautiful As I Am (Flowdream Audio): Love your body! Find a deep sense of self-confidence and power with this Flowdream. Experience total acceptance about your appearance going into any situation where you want to feel desirable, attractive, and comfortable. Learn how to love yourself again.


5. Dazzling Self Love (Flowdream Audio): This Flowdream is like a bubble bath for your heart! Feel enormous confidence and deep self-acceptance. Find what is loveable and unique about yourself and remember that your best friend is YOU! This audio teaches you how to rediscover yourself.


6. Super Juicy Gratitude (Flowdream Audio): Experience the bliss of knowing that the Universe has already showered you with thousands of beautiful and worthy things — from friends who love you to a body that's alive and well. Rediscover all the things you feel gratitude for and feel how much you are loved.

7. Super Inner Yumminess (Flowdream Audio): Super Inner Yumminess is a Flowdream that boosts your self-love and courage and ends other people’s control over how you feel. Realize how powerful, lovable, and strong you truly are! This Flowdream creates feelings of deep inner power in you.


8. Powerful Inner Healing and Release (Flowdream Audio): Let go of self-hate, inner criticism, self-judgement, and more with this powerful healing and emotionally cleansing Flowdream. Learn how to love yourself again, and you'll be able to let go of loads of negative feelings that you have no need to carry.


9. Beautiful As I Am (90-minute Recorded Audio Class): In this class, you'll do exercises to remove past or existing feelings of inadequacy, shame, embarrassment, or "I wish I was more like…”. You'll program your Flow with intense love and self-acceptance, which in turn, releases your Flow to do marvelous things for you! You have NO MORE TO PROVE. You don't have to EARN ANYONE'S APPROVAL by being the way THEY want you to be. Your body is PERFECT for your needs and very RESPONSIVE to any directions you give it. You are ATTRACTIVE and interesting, inside and out. You are BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE!!!


BONUS Meditations!

10. Deep Self Love Meditation: This Flowdream Meditation can be used to fall asleep or meditate while nurturing your awareness and deep, transformative self-love. Filled with thoughtful and luscious wording, you will be led to a place where all love is stored in your energy self.


11. Emotional Detox Meditation: If sleep restores your body and meditation restores and refreshes your mind, imagine how good for you a Flowdream would be to restore and flush your emotions. This unique hybrid Flowdream-Meditation will do just that. As you close your eyes to either meditate or fall asleep, this mp3 fills your mind with gentle guidance for allowing old, stuck emotions to be purged from your body — replacing them with positive, delicious feelings about yourself and your life.

How do you rediscover yourself? By learning how to love yourself again with Flowdreaming.

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Author Summer McStravick
Type PDF Book + mp3(s)
Track Length

A Quickstart Guide (PDF)

30-Day Achievement Journal (PDF download)

Track 1: How to Flowdream Introductory Class (Recorded Audio)

Track 2: Beautiful As I Am, 17 minutes

Track 3: Dazzling Self-Love, 20 minutes

Track 4: Super Juicy Gratitude, 28 minutes

Track 5: Super Inner Yumminess, 15 minutes

Track 6: Powerful Inner Healing and Release, 28 minutes

Track 7:  Beautiful As I Am (90-minute Recorded Audio Class)

Track 9: Deep Self Love Meditation, 16 minutes

Track 9: Emotional Detox Meditation, 6 minutes


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