NEXT is a daylong intensive to awaken your heart, gain clarity, and create ease and Flow in your life.



Choose your desired date to attend. The following NEXT events are scheduled for:

Friday, May 24, 2019 (Inner Power and Freedom Focus)
Friday, June 7, 2019 (Manifesting Wealth Focus)



Meet Summer in Encinitas, California for a day of total re-shaping as you go deep into Flow. You and only two other students (max three people) will meet with Summer, where she customizes her work to fit your needs.

Things you can do during your time include:

  • looking into you and your flow for a clear update on where you are and what’s truly going on
  • discovering how seemingly different areas of your life may be displaying the same pattern, so we can gently remove it (huge ah-ha’s here!)
  • looking into your patterns and blocks, and identifying and releasing them so you don’t need to be on “constant repeat’ mode with them any longer
  • establishing a new fertile direction, knowing this is the right choice for your future
  • getting into Flow multiple times through the day to constantly fix, alter, or up-level situations
  • generating big energy around something you really need (like love, peace, money, health, etc)
  • looking into people or situations for you, asking questions and receiving answers from them directly/empathically
  • handling issues with family or your partner by clearing up confusion and getting straight answers
  • deconstructing your life, commitments, and time and rebuilding them into new, better forms
  • sending good energy around things you need to go well for you
  • creating inner power to help you take on something difficult, such as leaving something or shifting directions
  • creating health around you and in you, including have a deep talk with your body to discover what it wants, how it feels about you, and what it needs
  • communicate with your higher self/greater self and or God/Source/Higher consciousness so you get your own answers directly
  • peeking into the future (this may or may not appear since the future is not fixed)
  • being given new perspective and healing on the past so you can let go of it and go forward, finally



Our schedule is completely custom made and spans from 9 am to 7 pm. Morning hours start with a private, one-on-one in person session with Summer at 9, 10, and 11 am. Then, enjoy lunch out with Summer as we get to know one another. Lunch might be followed by a group flow session, or perhaps a creative project to anchor in the good emotion and energy. If it’s sunny, we might head to the beach for some flowing on the shore. Or, it might be more fun to come visit Summer’s home and flow in her magical botanical gardens. We’ll do exercises, journaling, and other techniques to hone in on your next steps.



A NEXT day is ideal for people who are transitioning somehow into something more suited to their souls or who are simply looking to level-up. The focus is on finding your deep inner power, finding your voice, releasing frustration or anxiety, recommitting to trust, and learning to work with Flow.

  • This might mean you’ve recently divorced or are leaving your partnership.
  • It may mean you’re leaving your career, and starting something new.
  • It may mean you’re tired of being at a stuck or mediocre level, and are ready to break-through in your thinking and income.
  • It may mean you’re ready to finally release your past; release fear, guilt or grief; and gain your inner power back.

Summer offers pinpoint accuracy as she looks at your life from the lens of Flow, suggests hitherto unseen options, then nudges you into the inspired action you need to get there. It’s not all inner work though! In your private session, you can also focus on strategies for business growth or any practical matter your choose.



Use the contact form below to register for a NEXT event. (Please be sure you receive confirmation from us that the day you choose is still open before booking airfare or your hotel.)

The cost is $2500, which includes a private session, lunch, and activities.


Email Summer with your name, email, phone number, and desired date to attend. We’ll get back with you soon.

Summer’s favorite areas to explore are:

  • Seeing you increase your income, fall in love, buy your dream home … in other words, seeing real results in real life by creating the plan on paper and in energy. Think visible, actionable, outwardly manifested.
  • Using her intuition to look ahead into potential paths and directing you to the best ones, as well as looking into people or workplaces. In other words, being your own personal psychic.
  • Guiding high-achievers to create balance so they can do more, let go of more, and grow … without fear of burnout.
  • Helping you to stop thinking in an “either/or” mentality and ridding you of all lack-thinking so your entire life changes.
  • Showing you how to engage your fear so it no longer paralyzes you or forces decisions from you. (Learn how to tame your fear so it becomes your ally and friend.)
  • Helping you develop a wellspring of deep inner power that fuels even bigger dreams.
  • Finding the ceilings and blocks that hold you back, and guiding you to move through these with ease and strength.
  • Moving you through deep inner healing work, so you’re forever freed from the old programming (and heartaches) that limited you.
  • Connecting you to your Flow, so you can see for yourself how it feels to be in constant alignment as you experience continuous direction and feedback from the Universe.

“What you are inside is what you manifest outside.”

Why Summer?

You may know Summer pretty well already, but here are a few things you may not know that make her an extraordinary coach and mentor:


Summer understands at a master level how the Universe responds to energies of emotion and intention, and her deep knowledge of how Flow works in our lives is the most transformative aspect of her work.

She was tutored by the best, including having partnered with Dr. Wayne Dyer on their weekly radio program, as well as having helped develop programs and courses for such luminaries as Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, Caroline Myss, Debbie Ford, Suze Orman, and many others.

She also comes from a multigenerational line of intuitives, and her profound gift of empathic intuition adds and extra layer of insight not normally found in coaching programs. This unique element to her coaching that allows her to “see” your next step, and what it will create for you. After years of offering private sessions with long waitlists, Summer’s intuitive gifts are now reserved strictly for her VIP Diamond students.

Summer also built Hay House Radio, an online broadcast station, as a multi-million-dollar “start up” with worldwide publishing giant Hay House, under the direction of Louise Hay (her boss). As one of the first people to develop webinars and online classes, Summer has vast knowledge of content creation and delivery, including: books, summits, seminars, podcasts, webinars, radio, and audio programs.

As a published author who also worked at the Director level at an international publisher for almost 10 years, Summer understands publishing and book promotion inside and out.

Summer also built her own million-dollar company,, with no start up funds and no investors. provides downloadable audio products, coaching, and podcasts that change how we interact with the world. She has one of the longest-running podcasts today, with 10+ years of continuous weekly Flowdreaming episodes.

She built M.E. School (a 12-month coaching program) in under three years to one of the largest personal development programs in the world.

Summer married her high-school sweetheart, and they’re now entering their 28th year together. As a result, Summer brings a wealth of knowledge about the ups and downs of marriage and love to all her clients, and can see patterns, bottlenecks, and other misalignments easily in your relationships.

While building M.E. School and Flowdreaming, Summer survived Stage II metastatic breast cancer, proving that you can continue to thrive and grow even during times of deep healing and repair – without going in to burnout, dropping the ball, or losing your sanity.

NEXT students receive everything gleaned from this wealth of knowledge.
Precise. Clear. Thorough.