Some people are just not going to like you

Some people don’t like you. And, they’ll never like you. And you can’t make them like you. And there is nothing you can do about it.

I took a yoga class this evening with a new teacher. We spent an entire hour doing what felt like a variation of the same standing pose, and the teacher was full of criticism. My butt was too high, my shoulders were drooping, and my feet were not wide enough apart. When I inadvertently stretched in between poses to unkink my aching arms, she scolded me, “We are not doing that stretch right now.”

Twenty minutes into the class, I wanted to leave. And twenty minutes later, I found myself thinking what an awful teacher she was, and how her rigid yoga philosophy was so unlike my own. Twenty minutes after that, I thought, “What is my Flow doing bringing me here?” and so I spent the rest of class thinking about the way I really disliked this teacher, while around her the other students were happily chirping that this was the best class in town, since you really got to learn each yoga pose so well.

Not long ago, I made the decision to finally begin teaching workshops in person.

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Oops! or excellent? Can you manifest unintentionally?

Here is the email that popped up in my inbox this morning.

“I have been listening to the Prosperity Challenge for awhile now. . . . And prosperity is starting to appear in my life!  . . . As of late, I’m listening to tracks from Prosperity Challenge at work, on the train, in the car, during emails, multi-tasking. I know it’s not the same as participating and creating in the Flowdream, but I feel your words and am sort of assimilating them thru osmosis. And it’s GOOD. I am much more self-aware of my thoughts, projections, intentions, possibilities than ever before.

My question is: Do we need to be careful when listening and multi-tasking? If I found I’m irritated by my co-worker or get impatient with something while listening casually, are these things going into my flowdream and creating more of that outcome? I feel I can go into the flowdream a lot quicker now than in the beginning so it seems easier to put any thought and feeling into the flowdream, even when not fully engaged. What do you think? Should one be careful with that?”

Here is my answer, Dina. I’ll share it as a story.

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What are you worth?

I feel like an egg that’s been cracked open, and all my gooey insides are running out. It has been quite a day…a week. To feel better, I did two things. First, I spent an hour on my radio show ruminating about how we create value — how we value ourselves, how money or talents are valued — and how we can confuse those two things so easily. And then I went shopping. (Yes, I really did. And I found a really great blouse.)

But I promised listeners of yesterday’s Flowdreaming show that we would continue this conversation about worth—especially self-worth. My own self-worth has been rocked pretty hard lately. And you know how things seem to happen at once?

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The Prosperity Challenge

Sometimes people ask me what the difference is between my CD, Flowdreaming for Lots of Money, a Great Job, and a Luxury Lifestyle, and my Flowdreaming Prosperity Challenge. Here is what I posted on the Powerful Intentions Flowdreaming Forum: When I made the CD “Flowdreaming for Lots of Money, a Great Job, and a Luxury…

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