What is Flow energy?: A brief explanation

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Flowdreaming is a technique that lets you reshape your world—literally. It’s not meditation, or hypnosis, or based on positive affirmations or any other kind of program you may already know. It’s unique, and its purpose is to help you access the creative, energetic “underside” of life, so you can sculpt and direct your future.

It’s a big promise, but once you learn this technique, it will feel so simple and natural that you’ll wonder how you never knew about it before.

What Is Flow?

Flow is like a net or ocean of energy that runs over, under, around, and through everything in our Universe. It’s an energy of information, or a giant collection of data about everything that is, was, or potentially may be. And this net of energy or “information” has its own kind of internal, intrinsic awareness.

Imagine if every single thing in our universe had an inner understanding of what it was, or an awareness of its internal structure, or a consciousness of itself, on some very deep level. And all this consciousness put together—all this collected information or awareness— is what everything is actually made of. The physical things in life (apples, TVs, thoughts, wind) are just expressions of this awareness that take a physical form.

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Rejection Is cold company

A good friend of mine had to shake me out of my gloom yesterday. “Rejection is a good thing,” he told me. “It means you’re still putting yourself out there. You’re still in the game. You stop being rejected, then you’re in the bleachers, not on the bench.”

You can guess what kind of “go leap off a cliff” look I gave him. When you’re blue, it’s hard to hear any kind of pick-me-up talk, even from people who care about you.

You see, I’ve been feeling passed over a lot lately, like the dish at the picnic that no one tries. The kid not picked for the team, while all her buddies pick each other. The girl waiting to be asked to the dance, while all her best guy friends ask someone else. Rejection is an experience that comes early and the sting stays, no matter how old we get. Psychology Today has a good article that explains why it’s necessary that we carry around such deep emotional responses to rejection.

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Do you have a destiny? What has God planned for you?

I receive a variation of this question about fate and destiny almost weekly. Here’s what came to my inbox this week:

Hi Summer,

I am excited to be writing to you. I just discovered Flowdreaming ten minutes ago, and I wanted to ask something. My Flow is equal to my thoughts and my emotions, and they tell the universe what I want. I understand that. I’m at a point in my life where I’m learning about Law of Attraction . . . but I do not fully grasp the difference between what God intends for you compared to what you want and gain for yourself. Could you help me please? —Lavana

Lavana, when you awaken to the idea that you are a powerful creator within your own life, this can bring up a conflict in your mind. You wonder, How can I create if some things were already pre-planned for me? You might think some events or people are there by fate, karma, or because it is God’s plan.

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Best resources to learn Flowdreaming

Today’s post is a little unusual for me. Most of the time, I write about situations in my own life and how I’ve applied the Flow perspective to them. Or, I talk about solutions to the emailed questions that readers send to me, or ways, generally, we can look at our life and understand why we have what we have, and what to do about it if it “ain’t so great.”

So please grant me this exception…you see, a few weeks ago my second book about Flowdreaming came out. It’s called Creative Flowdreaming. And hot on the book’s heels is my other new project: a 6-month online course called,The Art of Flowdreaming, to teach you how to become a Manifesting Practitioner in your own life.

Between these two, you can learn everything you need to know to make real, concrete changes in your own life. First, it isn’t another “Law of Attraction” book. (LOL, I think just about anything worth being said on that has been said.)

Instead, Creative Flowdreaming takes you deep into what living in the Flow really means. Sure, the first few chapters lay out the nuts and bolts of the technique, and give you a thorough introduction to the art of manifesting in general, but from there, I go into the deeper questions that I’ve encountered over the years. Questions that are usually deal-breakers for the inexperienced manifestor,

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Your ideas: Lead … or gold?

I suffer from the “great idea” syndrome. In other words, I’m always thinking of what I think are good ideas. Then I (often) fruitlessly try to get other people to go along with them. What I’ve had to learn over the years is this: 1) not everyone will see the value in what I offer, 2) if I feel strongly about my idea, then I’m probably going to have to make headway on it myself and quit waiting for other people to help me, and 3) if it genuinely is a great idea, then my Flow will likewise scoop me up and help smooth the way for its implementation.

Let’s start with #1. For many years, I’ve been in a position where I’ve offered some excellent business ideas to someone.

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