What are you worth?

I feel like an egg that’s been cracked open, and all my gooey insides are running out. It has been quite a day…a week. To feel better, I did two things. First, I spent an hour on my radio show ruminating about how we create value — how we value ourselves, how money or talents are valued — and how we can confuse those two things so easily. And then I went shopping. (Yes, I really did. And I found a really great blouse.)

But I promised listeners of yesterday’s Flowdreaming show that we would continue this conversation about worth—especially self-worth. My own self-worth has been rocked pretty hard lately. And you know how things seem to happen at once?

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The Prosperity Challenge

Sometimes people ask me what the difference is between my CD, Flowdreaming for Lots of Money, a Great Job, and a Luxury Lifestyle, and my Flowdreaming Prosperity Challenge. Here is what I posted on the Powerful Intentions Flowdreaming Forum: When I made the CD “Flowdreaming for Lots of Money, a Great Job, and a Luxury…

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A new model of consciousness

Let’s do a thought experiment. Take a look at your hand. You know that it’s made up of tissues, blood, and bones. You may further realize that these things are each made of tiny cells, which are in turn made of minute proteins which are constructed from DNA and RNA . . . which are themselves made from molecules . . . which come from atoms . . . which come from . . . what?

Squint now . . . what comes next? Pretend that you’re seeing your hand down at its most basic level. It’s not solid at all, is it. See how there’s so much space between the atoms? What’s in that space? Nothing, you say? Emptiness? Empty space? Is that really what you’re made of?

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