Going big: The first of 3 clues that you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough to Success

It’s time to go big.

No, I don’t mean our waistlines, despite all those yummy holiday cookies.

I mean our “mind-lines.”

All year, I’ve been chewing at this. What does GOING BIG really mean?

What’s all this stuff about “upleveling” your life, moving past blocks, and all that other fancy-schmacy talk for somehow breaking through a barrier in your thoughts or emotions?

I’ve been thinking deeply about why some people seem to race to the top of their profession, or have a breakthrough moment in their happiness level, or fall deeply, completely, and unexpectedly in love…

Why do some people seem to suddenly zoom past some limit that puts them in another stratosphere of living, while others just toil on?

I’ve been thinking so much about this because of YOU, all my friends and clients in my Mentoring Program.

Many of you have been breaking these barriers all year, and I’ve been closely following, always amazed when you each reach that inscrutable point (just like on the Daily Deal website) where you “tip.”

Like popcorn going off in a pan, what is the exact set of circumstances that make you “pop” past your old barriers and ways of thinking, and fully embrace a new world in which YOU are a powerful creator and manifestor, and nothing is outside of possibility for you anymore?

What is the common point, and the circumstances that lead to that moment?

Based on watching dozens of you do it, I’ve come up with five signs that you’re on the verge — the “tipping point” — of a major breakthrough in your thinking, success level, and in your life.  Here’s the first:

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“Oh Lord, let anything hurtful spit me out like a bad peanut.”

 Remember that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when Veruca Salt gets tossed down the chute for being a “bad peanut?” What a right and fitting end for her, we all thought.

As a bad peanut, Veruca was ejected from her situation. And, oddly, I find myself thinking along similar lines often in my life, whenever I say some variation of that to myself, usually something like, “If it isn’t in my Flow, it won’t stick. My Flow will reject it like a bad peanut” Or, “This bad situation can’t touch me, since I don’t resonate with it one tiny bit!”

I talk to a lot of people on my podcast and in the private sessions and workshops I hold. There are always people who have the same gripe, which goes like this:

“YOU have a great life. You’re lucky. But I have a horrible job that I dread going to — it’s SO mind numbing. And as for my husband and family…ugh, there’s constantly some problem! But YOU — you have an easy life because nothing bad ever happens to you. You’re lucky! Why?!”

Yikes. My hypothetical client has a lot of ugly situations in her life. And these situations should be rejecting her like a bad peanut — the kind where you eat one out of the bag and then spit it out in surprise, half-chewed, because it tastes like something died in it? That kind of bad situation.

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What to do when you face fear or frustration

I can’t even begin to tell you how much of my life in the last decade has centered around breaking down fears. One after another, chop-chop-chop. Dead trees falling.

I’ve been stumbling through the downed logs (and even getting lost), but somehow, I’ve still been getting somewhere…and not just anywhere…but to someplace wild and fantastic and fulfilling. Each month breaks new ground for me, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even financially.

It never feels right to keep my secrets for success to myself. I want to shout them to everybody.

For instance, this last week, I’ve realized that Flow has purposely kept me on this hamster wheel of “fear breaking.” After all, whenever I break past one of my own blocks, I’m able to help someone else break past theirs. “Oh,” I said, no longer upset. “I get it.”

Fear, I’ve learned, has so many disguises. Just when I think I’ve pinned it down, it pops up in another costume. It’s like playing Whack-a-Mole.

For example, I might be helping a Flowdreaming student who’s been hemming and hawing. They’re suffering from indecision. We’re four months into our mentoring, and nothing has happened.

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“I love me, I love me not.” Do you have self-love? Take a quiz.

Do you truly love yourself? Let’s find out. Here’s a quick test to check your levels of self-love. Keep track of your “yes’s.”
  1. I treat myself to little splurges now and then. Not splurges that get me in debt (like paying for something on my credit card that I don’t really need and won’t be able to pay off in a month) or harm my body (like having a cigarette), but I have splurges that make me feel good and and healthy ( such as a pedicure, some Flowdreaming, taking a walk in the middle of my workday, taking a nap, etc.)
  2. I take time for myself consistently at least once a week, either as my own quiet time or to enjoy something I love to do.
  3. I take care of my body and appearance with nice clothes, a good haircut, and anything that makes me feel more powerful and confident.
  4. I’m able to stop myself from unhealthy behaviors that will hurt me in the long run (overeating, smoking, drinking to excess, calling my bad ex, etc.)
  5. When I do take time for myself, or spend a little money on myself, I don’t feel any twinges of guilt or “I shouldn’t have.”
  6. I say no sometimes, and I don’t feel guilty.
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The ugly black jacket I wore for my boss

Here’s a photo of the ugly black jacket I wore for my boss. When I knew I had to have a meeting with her, I’d wipe off my lipstick in the bathroom, shrug into this shapeless polyester mess, and if I didn’t have enough cat hairs and other fuzzy crud already stuck to its lapels, I’d rumple myself up a little more to look as bad as I possibly could.

Notice how loose this jacket is, and how the sleeves are way too long so I had to cuff them in bunchy rolls. Notice, too, the kids’ snot on the arm. That has been there for years. Wiping it off would’ve defeated the purpose.

I’d be throwing on the jacket, of course, just a few hours after I’d cried at my own bathroom sink before leaving for work, so my face already had a miserable blotchy look going for it. I was ready.

This was a really sucky time in my life.

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