Flowdreaming Podcast 608: Able to Float (Softening into Life)

Work, work, work. Get ahead, do the right thing. Succeed. Be perfect.

 After awhile, the hamster wheel slows. Maybe we retire. Maybe we burn out. Maybe we’re facing (or recovering from) an illness. Maybe we’re in that long stretch between jobs, or careers. And we realize … we don’t know how to float, to soften in. We lost the ability to trust, and revel in the delightful things. We frantically push out of this phase instead of releasing into it. We are afraid to stop hustling and just enjoy. And even if you do, we time-limit the experience. If this is you, then listen in to learn how to soften, deepen, and cherish this phase instead of fighting it. My Easy, Flowing Life Playlist can help.

In this episode:

5:08 – Discover the patterns we have that pull us into resistance when things are going well

7:18 – Find out how most of us spend the majority of our time in stress

11:20 – Learn what “learning to float” means

12:30 – Hear how trust plays a huge part in how we can enjoy life

15:00 – Get into a mini Flow with Summer taking you to a place of relief

Flowdreaming Podcast 573: How to Get More Clients

A tutorial! How did Summer build M.E. School? And her Flowdreaming website?

Summer shares how she uses non-physical energy to shore up all the physical things she does to spread the word about Flow. Learn how and where YOUR tribe is, and how you can collect them around you with a lot less effort that you’ve probably been putting in. Use the My Hugely Successful Business Playlist at Flowdreaming.com for the next step.

In this episode:

3:55 – Find out Summer’s recommendation for growing a thriving business

5:05 – Discover why your client base is bigger than you think

6:30 –  Hear about a bad habit you might have that can affect your ability to attract clients

10:36 – Learn Summer’s technique for looking for clients

23:03 – Find out how your energy base can work for and against you 

27:10 – See what you can do to avoid burnout when growing your business

Flowdreaming Podcast 566: A Super Dose of Good Energy NOW!

The best thing you can do when facing lack, change, uncertainty or disappointment is to counterbalance it with good feelings.

And sometimes, getting those good feelings on your own is darn near impossible. So today, tune in and let Summer guide you into them. Summer’s remarkable talent for bringing people into the higher state of Flow is well-documented in her 17 years of practice. So come aboard the Flow train. All we’re doing today is FEELING GREAT!

Get this feeling anytime with the Super Inner Yumminess Flowdream at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

5:30 – Discover how you might have been thinking about your moods is completely wrong

6:30 – Find out how to reach an essential, pure, good feeling

8:20 – See how negative feelings have been robbing you of your time.

18:25 – Learn how Flowdreaming is like going to the gym for your mind

21:00 – Discover the science behind Flowdreaming and what happens when you’re in Flow state

37:48 – Get into Flow with Summer as she guides you into feeling super good right now!

Flowdreaming Podcast 578: Lessons in Inner Power [M.E. School]

The only gift you have consistently through your whole life is YOU — your body, mind, and inner being.

Yet we often treasure it last. Today we play with the balance between our personal power, and the power others have over us in our lives. Today’s lesson is direct from Summer’s M.E. School, and a great example of what goes on there!

In this episode:

11:40 – Learn where you true inner power lies and how you can hold onto it.

16:13 – See why certain people have power over you and what does that do to you

19:42Discover who you SHOULD give your power to and why

21:00Find out how your inner power is like money and how that understanding can help you

27:40 – Get into what’s holding you back and how you can release it and how Summer and M.E. School can help you with that

42:07 – Hear how M.E. School can help you find out where your inner power has gone, who took it and how you can get it back

47:10Discover what true inner power means and how lack thinking affects it