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Change Your Past with Flowdreaming - On Demand Class

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Can you really change your past with Flowdreaming? What can Summer be talking about?!

Imagine for a minute that the energy of life exists in an underlying layer of reality where time is flexible -- or doesn't exist at all! Or perhaps time is simply no longer sequential, but more like confetti tossed in the air...pull a piece out and work with it whenever you want.

Imagine, too, that you could take the emotional content of the past (which is all that really remains, in your memory anyway), and reorganize it? You'd be creating a "parallel past" -- one that mirrors the physical past, but exists in a purely energetic, informational state. 

Now, if the INFORMATION of the past is what continues into the future, long after the PHYSICAL experience of the past is over, then can you imagine that a NEW energetic rendering of the past could have an affect on your current life?

Follow Summer through this fascinating line of thought, and use the Flow to learn how to recreate your past in today's class.

How will this class help you?

  • You could rewrite painful occurrences to end differently, and so carry around a NEW, better energy from them
    ("I'm rewriting an unloving scene from my upbringing with one that is positive and loving.") 
  • You could write in NEW experiences that never physically occurred, but the energy of which will affect your current life
    ("I'm writing in that I was born rich, and the sense of having wealth is very natural to me, as well as what to do with it.") 
  • You can begin seeing yourself as someone who had "this" happen to them, and not "that" -- and stop creating victim energy for your future
    ("I'm no longer someone who was betrayed and divorced. I am someone who is extremely lovable and deserves a great partner." 

This class is part of Summer's series of monthly classes, in which she teaches you how to work with a different aspect of Flow energy each month, giving you hands-on exercises as well as a deep Flowdream to help you get this flowing energy in your life.

Sign up for an individual class, or a whole series. Or, join Summer's Mentorship Program as a Sapphire, Diamond, or Protege to get a free "Class Pass" to each month's training.

This class has been previously recorded from a live online course. When you purchase a ticket now, you'll be given access to the On Demand webpage, where you can listen to the class on your PC, Mac, iphone, ipad, Kindle Fire, or Android device.

You'll be able to pause, skip forward or backward, and replay the class as much as you want. It is not a downloadable mp3. Enjoy!


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